Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Just a quick question, are there like different gun manufacturers? I see that Suros is obviously one of them. Is it the only one?


Naw there are a bunch. I only know of Suros off the top of my head but the wiki has a list of em





I still haven’t finished the main story campaign. :joy:


IMO, it’s worth finishing the game’s story. You can buy a sparrow, a ship, get more missions, repeat two of the story’s quests, etc…


I’m too lazy.


Swords are fucking lit.


Just one thing, try not to double post too often. You have a tool that allows you to edit your posts.
It’s just in case you didn’t knew.
I think personally that you can do double posts, as long as your two posts are big and both have a different subject but not when they’re both short.

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Have fun with it Hank


Thank you.


What do you mean by “quest”, I don’t think there were ever any quests in the story campaign. Or are you talking about the meditation thing with Ikora? Unless I’m a mistaken, there were never any quests; there supposed to be unlocked after you finish the campaign right? I’m pretty sure a lot of stuff is, like challenges, quests, strikes, etc.


I mean mission, sorry. And yes, it was the meditation with Ikora.


Oh. Do you mean you can redo story missions? I don’t exactly see a point in that, but unless it gives you much better rewards, I probably won’t do them.

Do the meditations provide very good rewards? Well I guess I’m saying, for a person with 200 power. I’m pretty sure most finish the campaign with ~200 power, right?


Meditating with Ikora gives you tokens, which is the currency for unlocking themed armors. The European Dead Zone armor I have is from Devrim Kay for example.


Yeah, they’re the faction rewards, right? I got one of the faction pulse rifles from Sloane, plus a helmet and some shaders.


You got it, it’s faction stuff.


Thanks. Just curious, have you ever done normal Leviathan raid or prestige?


Not yet, I’m waiting for my family to get ready for it…or even think about it.


Ah, that should be plenty of fun. Honestly I don’t know how long it would take me to finish the raid, even with a paid team of carries.


In fact, I haven’t tried it yet.