Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I think the best would be to collect it already, you can either scavenge the items you don’t want or maybe fuse them with items you want to keep. The power of the equipment you loot is progressive, if for example you loot an item of 200 power, the next will be of 203-205 and so on.
Plus, the engrams also have power like the armor and guns you loot. What’s the power shown before you claim the clan rewards?


It’s not the best if you want to efficiently raise your Light Level

  1. And it was a faction reward from Sloane.


What should I do then? Does the power of engrams Increase when your own power increases?



Follow this if you want to get to max light level in the most efficient way possible otherwise you’ll have to wait extra weeks to get to level 305 without DLC or 335 with dlc


I found this one, is it good?


It’s decent and is focused on post DLC but it misses some things

One of the most important things for maximizing LL gains is when you claim a piece of powerful gear or exotic quest weapon that you check what level legendaries are dropping at and if any of your current items are below that either farm or turn in tokens to get engrams

You can check drop levels by using destiny item manager or turning in tokens and looking at what level the engrams is without collecting it


I felt I made a mistake opening the engram when it was only 208. I guess I was just psyched about getting some legendaries. I can always just infuse it later, right?


Yep. I’d recommend you just farm public events for a couple days which should get you to the soft cap

EDZ is generally the best place to farm them unless there was an armour set you wanted from a different place


I haven’t finished the campaign yet, you figure I should do that?


Yeah theres a couple exotics you get and some legendaries

Also gets you access to the weekly milestones that drop powerful gear


I think I got all the exotics, from Sloane and Asher right? I believe you get origin story from Zavala? Plus a sparrow from Holliday?


Yeah that should be the things you get.


Do you think hunters should be using assault rifles?


Use whatever guns you like it really doesn’t matter. I personally use Scathelocke a kinetic AR and Tone Patrol an energy scout rifle. Just find a weapon archetype you like and pick the best option out of that archetype


All three classes are polyvalent with every weapon. Hunters should stick with weapons that increase their movements instead, Titans should use close combat weapons and Warlocks should use long range weapons IMO. But like I said, the 3 classes are specialized with every weapon (with the exception of some who are unique to their classes).


Why do guns have perks that are clearly worse than other ones. I had this Pulse Rifle (I believe). It had one with that only increased range by a little bit, then a scope which made te range a lot better. Why have 2 perks if one is obviously worse?


Well some of the scopes are different zoom levels so you might settle for less range boost because you don’t want a 12x zoom on your close range AR and some provide perks that don’t have direct stat boosts like a sight on my tone patrol highlights enemies in red


What’s a sight level? Oh wait zoom level I see nvm.


for example


HCR is a perk that increases knockback/stun on enemies as well as causes more flinch in PvP when shooting enemies.

Also the zoom (short, medium, long) levels increases the distance before damage fall off starts when ADSing