Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Played crucible for the first time today. I whooped the other team’s asses. Plus I got like 50+ power and some sexy new gear, and a box of legendary shaders.


I had this one play, so I was in an ally with two dudes. One of them pulled out a sword and charged me and the other guy took out a gun and tried to gun me down. I shot the brains out of the first dude, I jump up, kill the second guy, and I’m like what I’m just a little newby here and you can’t kill me. I found out how good auto rifles are too.


So I’ve been wondering. My birthday is coming up in a couple months. I really like destiny 2, and I don’t know if I should buy curse of Osiris, or just waste for the next expansion. People seem to look down on the first dlc, so I wonder if the next one will be better. What do you think?


I’d get both if you can.


@Hippaforalkus and I co-own House of Visions.


What exactly does a clan do?


You have people you can group with and you get additional powerful engrams if they complete nightfalls, raid, trials and PvP. Also the clan banner provides bonuses for playing with clan members


Oh that’s cool. Are you in one?


Yep free powerful engrams are nice


You know any good ones?


Nope I just joined a random one that seemed active


Oh. Is there like a level requirement or power req?


Not that I recall but I didn’t join one till I was level 20 and LL 280+


Who is the owner of this clan? Someone from the forums? I hope so.




That’s what I want!..but he hasn’t been active on the forums since a long time…
But I don’t care!

It counts!


Are there any goods clan that you guys know of?


Why does your guardian never talk? It’s always the ghost that does the talking.


It’s like in many games, the player’s character never talks.


The guardian actually talked a little in the first games vanilla story but it doesn’t in any of the dlc’s or the next game.