Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Anyone has a clan in this forum?


What is ur power for ur Titan?




Ooh…cool…that’s nice


what’s wrong?


Me? Nothing, ur just a whole lot better than me.




What’s the solar subclass called?


I recently got my gunslinger.


In french, it’s “Brise-Soleil” which is “Sunbreaker”, it’s the 3rd Titan subclass.


Oh I didn’t know that. When do you think is a good time to get a second character?


Whenever you want, it gives you an idea of how the other classes work. Also, if you use multiple characters, you can get the rest of the exotic armor/weapons from the main quest on Titan and Io.


Ok, thank you. Since I know you have a warlock and a Titan, which one do you prefer? I have a hunter currently and I want to try one of the other ones sooner or later.


I prefer the Titan, it’s like beeing a tank IMO. The Warlock is some sort of healer on a way, but the potential of beeing a healer isn’t that big.


Oh, I just want someone who has a lot of health and damage output at the same time.


If you want health, use the Titan as a Sentinel. If you want damages, use the Warlock as a Voidwalker (the devs consider it a glass-cannon type of warlock subclass).


Who would you say is a decent mix, like an in between guy?


I don’t know, I haven’t got everything from the Warlock so far and I never tried the hunter.


Ok thank you.


Striker titan has the highest damage output but even with 10 resilience you’ve only got like 5% more health.

The best stat to have in destiny 2 is recovery

Edit: It’s an 8% health increase which is 15 health you go from 186 to 201 health

Here is a gif showing recovery

mobility is decent for PvP cause it increases strafe speed but it also increases jump height and non-sprinting speed