Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


There aren’t any Taken on Nessus? To my knowledge, Taken only appear on Io.


I don’t know…

Nessus is Failsafe?

So…Fallen and Vex? I guess Cabal too

I get the two mixed up all the time lol


Very few Fallen, but yes, Fallen.

Fallen, Vex, and Cabal. Mostly Vex.


There are a bunch of spots with fallen on Nessus.


There’s more Cabal than Fallen by a large amount.


On Nessus? There are like 2 zones that are purely fallen and only one cabal area


If I put a piece of equipment in a vault, am I still allowed to use it in missions and stuff, or is it locked in the vault?

Also I just found out that there are swords that are power weapons. Would you prefer a sword over a gun?

Finally, you know the broken weapon that you get as an arcstrider, which you then have to go to the Traveller’s shard to fix? Does it unlock like some kind of third subclass for the hunter, or do you get a free gun or something?


I swear there are three Cabal areas.


You’ve got the cistern (bottom left) which is cabal. Glade of Echos and Exodus black which are fallen (bottom right and right)

You might be thinking of Artifact’s edge which is the center area but all it’s got is a cabal PE and some vex wandering around.

It’s just a storage area you can take it out and use it whenever you want. The only benefit to having it in the vault is that it will raise all your characters base power level so if it’s a high level weapon that you don’t like you don’t have to swap it between characters to get higher level drops.

I don’t but you should use what you like.

It unlocks the next subclass. There are 3 in total for each class. For hunter it’s Arcstrider, Gunslinger, nightstalker.


Ooh, nice…


… wut


• Sentinel (Void)
• Striker (Arc)
• Sunbreaker (Solar)

• Arcstrider (Arc)
• Gunslinger (Solar)
• Nightstalker (Void)

• Dawnblade (Solar)
• Voidwalker (Void, and my main)
• Stormcaller (Arc)

Those are all in order from first to last for each class.


It is indeed Sunbreaker


Awesome, I originally had it as Dawnbreaker but I’m pretty sure those are the Exotic Warlock gauntlets for the Dawnblade class.


I saw this YouTube video on the different classes, and when it got to hunter, it said that there was an ability that let me throw knives? Does anyone know if it still exists, and how to get it? Also I’m happy today because I finally got an arcology engram, but I’m also sad because it requires you to be lvl 20, and I’m only like lvl 14. What exactly does an engram give you? Is it gear?


In the Gunslinger subclass it’s a trait you have to unlock. It’ll replace your melee ability

An Engram will grant Weapons or Armor AFAIK

With a quick google search for an Arcology Engram you’ll get Faction Weapons/Armor/Shaders and additional rewards


and sometimes a shader from the random legendary engrams


Every subclass brings different abilities. I’m not sure which one gets throwing knives (I’m a Warlock) but for example, Voidwalker gets the ability to teleport, Dawnblade gets the ability to do a flaming ground slam, and Stormcaller can give people floating turret orbs called Arc Souls.


So is it one item per engram, or does it give you multiple items?


Asher mir is now my favorite destiny character, he’s very sarcastic and condescending. :joy:

Plusss…he gave me a free exotic so that’s a plus.