Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I’ve really been loving this game so far. I’m currently a level 11 Dawnblade Warlock, and I just made it to Io, I finished Nessus midday yesterday, but I was only level 9 so I had to do some grinding. I’m just waiting to hit Level 20 so I can get my Coldheart and @Hippaforalkus and I will start prepping for the raid next week.

Anyone else really enjoying it?


I should be getting really soon, so excited!!


I’m not ruling it out. I’m just waiting. The publishers made some decisions that I wasn’t happy with with the first one, so, we’ll see.


I like it so much better than the original. The major graphics overhaul and the story are great. I’d recommend it.


There’s a story this time?


Never played 1 but heard it was a letdown.

2 is what 1 should be and people are pissed that its like a very big DLC.

But since its coming on PC and beta runned smooth AF im really excited about it.

I mean cmn.I have payed 60$ for Evolve MP only.For Battlefront MP only.For games that are just small campaign and MP.
Now i’m getting a game with campaign+dungeons+raids+MP.And all that co-op(the most important).I mean even if i dont like the campaign or the game, i can justify the 60 on this.


That’s pretty much how I feel, but I’m sure D2 will have DLC so, that’s what I’m excited for


Well, the first game was a shit show, so I’m waiting to buy this one. Even with all the excellent reviews so far, the memories of the crap the first pulled are giving me pause.

I can’t so readily accept that Bungie suddenly learned from their mistakes in 1 and won’t repeat a lot of them in this one.

Don’t get me wrong, I would be ecstatic if it turned out to be good through and through. I really wanted to like the original. But it was a really badly made cash grab that had a bunch of trashy cash grab DLCs. So I am pretty skeptical, and likely will be for a while.


Waiting for it on PC. feelsbadman


Are PC users allowed to join the topic? even if we will not have the game till late October?

@TrickshotMcgee First off, totally agree… I was let down by what bungie said and what was released.

to be fair, the first one did have a bunch of rotations in the workforce up until releases.

@Slewey we have almost 2 months to wait -.-*


Huh, I got to level 20 before even setting foot on Io… But I wanted to do all of the Adventures before moving on to the next area.


Honestly, I never even knew it was a let down. I usually find games that interest me and I play them, in my book Destiny was never a let down because it held up my standards

I never knew about these changes they made last minute or whatever until just recently after D2 showed up.

My standards

  • Are there powers?
  • Are they unique and customly upgradable and changeable?

If so, we got an Infamous feel and I’m totally fucking down


They both had a solid story, it’s just vastly more pronounced in the new game. It wasn’t as evident in the first game because it wasn’t talked about as much in the main quest line as it was in the DLC’s and Grimoire.


Yeah the main game had nothing to hold it together narratively. Hiding it in the grimoire shouldn’t really count, but at least they didn’t charge for it.


I doubt there’s any real reason with the staggered release, my bet is they want to make double sales on PC players who can’t wait. But it’s no longer console exclusive game anymore so I can’t complain much.


I am pretty sure that the story was gutted with all the shuffles in development. then in order to placate people they put it in th grimoire.

this time, after hearing that they corrected their story telling narrative by some dlc content, it gives me hope that the 2nd game will deliver on the story presentation that was originally thought of for destiny 1.

But, I have to wait till the 24th… no real reason… but I am happy as I do not have money to spend and have to earn extra every month just to make bills… so I am happy that i didnt have the pressure to buy this week… phew.

I loved the multplayer of part 1 thought and spent most of my time there… since the story was nonexistent and their were always ways to beat the bosses with ease, so in the PVE part, I hope we loose those “safe” areas I was able to find in the first game (allowed me to progress on hardest diff solo missions atw (less the massive event battles). So lets see if the design is more rewarding this time around as well.


Let me just say, you’re going to love the game story-wise, I think. Dominus Ghaul is an amazing villain, and it really gives a lot of the characters from the previous games good personality.


just got shivers from thinking of a good story with destiny 2… ^.^


I might get it tomorrow o3o


I just beat the game, and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. The final fight with Ghaul is epic. I don’t wanna spoil anything, but goddamn was it epic, and a decent twist.