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As neat as it would be to have this functionality, I would prefer to have TRS direct their resources to places that have a greater impact. It hasn’t worked in forever in the app and there hasn’t been a big push to have it fixed, most people probably forgot about it until now. And the large majority of the player base is casual and wouldn’t use it or care about it if it was implemented. Me? I’d want to see them implement a tournament system in-game before they did this (if we’re just talking menu type stuff since the teams that make new characters are different). If this is easy to implement go for it, but since it’s been this long and they haven’t done it yet I feel it’s an exceedingly low priority for them.

Petition to save the match replay functionality of Hunters Quest!

Tournament how?


A simple bracket system, and rule enforcement in-game rather than trying to coordinate everything externally (which is super confusing for a lot of people). I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to make a menu system that follows ESL or TGL rules for hunter and monster selection and map bans (just have the hunter team vote on map bans). I think an in-game tournament system would get a MUCH higher participation rate from the community.


im not a fan of esl but tgl is going in the right diretion. my issue with both of those is such little map selection. the character banning would be freaking awesome tho, id never have to fight jack again if i didnt want to :slight_smile:


If this was ever implemented (which I seriously doubt) I think they would allow for a flexible rule set since some groups want ESL, some want TGL, and there’s mixes in between. But giving us in-game options to create, join, and possibly watch tournaments would be an excellent way to engage the community I think.


As long as it doesnt split the community up more im game.


Tournaments are relatively short events and once you lose you’re done, it wouldn’t split the community any more than the tournaments now do and it would get people to engage more and play more often if they had something to play for. I think right now a lot of the community doesn’t sign up for the tournaments because they’re lazy and intimidated by it.


can you blame them though? when you see some of the big names have signed up, there is not much point for the average community member to sign up, just to get stomped. back in october in the last community tournament i took part, my team, which i would call averagely skilled, had to fight dylanfrye6 and bugzy (hope this doesn’t count as name calling) on monster for free agent teams.


That’s my point though, an in-game tournament system would allow for casual tournaments that are just for fun. Sure you’d still have the occasional ESL level player sign up and play, but if you have three or four (or more!) casual, no prize, type of tournament you’d have a lot of tournaments that people play in just for the hell of it. Plus if you had the option to watch tournament games people would learn more from the best teams.


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talking about the hunters quest, my phone almost crashes every time i try loading it up so i wont be able to get those badges :confused:


TRS didn’t do the Hunter’s Quest App. That was a different company than 2K and TRS just as a heads up.


Yeah, but the original discussion was about that app shutting down. If the Hunter’s Quest app is shut down and we want to save the replay functionality it would have to be either in-game or as part of a site, both of which would be TRS (I think?)


At that point, yes, but right now I don’t think they own the rights to it. As such, if they did want to keep and/or improve it they would need the rights to it first. Which I’m not sure is/will/might happen.


If its in the format of TGL than I’d love to see it and support it. But if its anything like ESL where all hell can run free then the only thing its getting is my middle finger up somewhere unpleasant.


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