Design your own map for Evolve

We have a thread for monsters…
We have a thread for Hunters…

Now for a thread where you post your own developed Map for Evolve.

Remember to consider the following things. Chokepoints, Elevation ,Lines of sight, Water bodies, Flora cover, Caves or overhanging cliffs, Open or enclosed areas, (human) structures, (Mega) Fauna spawns.

But also, importantly your maps must follow the similarities that other maps have in common, Acid, Snow, Desert, jungle, temperate and so forth.

My concept is of a valley styled map, that has a river that starts at one end as a two stage waterfall, flows to the other end and into an intricate cave system. Between the elevated area of the waterfall base It contains multiple points of elevation, from up high at the base of the waterfall, to down low at a jungle and into the cave system. Its a combination of The Dam, with much greater levels of elevation and Broken Hill Mine for a cave system, and a jungle in between similar to Refueling Tower.

In the open area of the waterfall, the monster is easy to see and harder for it to fight the hunters, but the area is populated by larger fauna of the 3 meats kind (Cephladon/Mammoth birds) , It also contains 1-2 alpha spawn spots in the form of A tyrant at the base of the primary and secondary waterfalls. This area also has a chance to spawn Alpha Armadons.

The jungle area is overseen by the elevated waterfall area, but line of site is thoroughly broken by the thick jungle canopy, It is populated by striders, blitz leopards, spotters and has several areas that spawn Crowbill sloths, not all of the areas will always have a sloth, and the Alpha sloth will spawn at one of these spots randomly.

The cave system will be a choke point with a single entry, but should contain enough meats to stage up a monster from one to two, and provide some armor, this prevents hunters from camping the entry. The cave would be as extensive as a single area of Broken Hill Mine and feature two tyrant spawns and megamouths. It is populated with Venom hounds, Reavers and the occasional Strider.

Each zone has its advantages and disadvantages for fighting specific monsters and hunter combinations, A Goliath, wraith and a behemoth will have difficulty in the elevated areas due to clear lines of sight only obstructed by pillars of rock, yet Kraken will find this area much easier, only to be disadvantaged in the caves, but less so in the forest/jungle which favours wraith more so, goliath would be at an advantage in the caves or jungle much like behemoth, with the close quarters aiding his abilities and skills.

The hunters can offset the monster advantages by picking the right hunters and attempting to force a fight in the area that best suits the hunters, as always.

I appreciate criticism, but please be constructive and have courtesy.

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I like your idea a lot. :smile: A very nice landscape map with a huge waterfall. I wish they had made the Broken Hill Foundry map cooler. I want a map that’s a town, maybe half the map is a valley overlooking a small city on the other half. The monster would start on the high ground, in the forest, and there would be lots of foliage. But over the cliff would be buildings, and roads with real live PEOPLE as the only food. I think this would be awesome, extra dialogue from the Hunters as they run past like “we’re here to save you!!!” :sunglasses:
Maybe whenever the monster runs into the city part of the map, the alarm sounds, alerting the hunters. To balance this there would be loads of human snacks in the city for the monster to Munch on. I think there’s a lot they could do though, towering buildings you could climb, people running in crowds from the monster.

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Some guy made a map idea of a spacestation. That was glorious.

A giant waterfall would be awesome.

And I’d like something like a small island with regular, huge tidal waves. :smiley:


That was me. :slight_smile:
Although this is a nice thread, there is already one.

Feel free to post ideas there.