Design Idea for a 4th Trapper


So I’m betting it’s pretty late in the game to be suggesting stuff like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if GDDs for the Hunters that are to be added through DLC are already nearly finished. Still, I thought I would share an idea that’s knocking around in my head.

I find that a lot of the time, I end up with Daisy. I’m not the Trapper often, but I still follow Daisy like it’s my job and she leads me to the monster very often. I have begun to feel a bit of an attachment to her on an emotional level because I spend so much time following her and we have saved each other multiple times now. That got me to thinking. Why don’t I just play as Maggie and always have Daisy around? It’s pretty simple really. I don’t identify with Maggie as a character. I hope this doesn’t get misinterpreted as racism or sexism, but I’m a 25 year old white male. When I play as a black woman with a strange accent, I’m not feeling as though I could be that character in the game world and it detracts to a certain degree from immersion. Please understand, I mean no disrespect.

I realize that my reasons may not make much sense from a competitive standpoint, but I rarely play games for the same reasons that others do. I get into games like this to experience another universe. I tended to feel that way about Battlefield for a long time too which is an uncommon way to feel about a military FPS. I got sucked into the moments and the squad play and the jets screaming by and the sound of helis flying by. So for me, a large part of my growing attachment to this game or to games in general has to do with experiencing a new world that I would never have seen otherwise. I get caught up in the role playing aspect of this kind of stuff, I guess.

Anyway, here’s my idea:

Basically, I would like a male Trapper/Companion team. It doesn’t really have to be military inspired, if that is perceived to be too much of a departure from Evolve’s design themes. I’m sure some people will draw comparisons between my idea and CoD: Ghosts but that’s not my fault. I’m not a CoD fan and I’ve never even played the game. My idea is really centered around a similar relationship found in James Rollins’ Sigma Force series of novels. In one of the books, he introduces the ex-military soldier/war dog pair Tucker and Kane. The way the author jumps back and forth between both the man and the dog’s point of views was especially captivating and really revealed a much deeper bond than might be apparent on the surface. I could write 10 more paragraphs explaining how special and unique Rollins’ writing is with regard to Tucker and Kane, but I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to read the novels. They are a fantastic blend of modern science and engaging, suspenseful fiction centered around a government black ops group called Sigma which is made up of the world’s best soldiers cross trained in varying areas of scientific expertise. Tucker and Kane are introduced in the book entitled “Tracker” and are in several other books in the series thereafter. Apparently, fans love those two so much that the author has decided to make a separate series focusing on them alone.

Back on point, I have a couple of suggestions for what the abilities of such a character might be. I recognize that these kinds of decisions are best left up to the people who designed the game and are intimately familiar with the inner workings of their design and constraints, but I can’t help that this idea inspires me.

What do war dogs do?

They scout. Perhaps you could have an ability that gives your war dog a command for him to patrol a specific area on the map quickly so as to determine whether a monster is indeed in the vicinity. This would have to be limited in scope but the idea would be something like having access to a quick sweep/radar ability only carried out by your dog.

They search and find just about anything you train them to find. Maybe you could have the ability to have your war dog search for albinos rather than simply searching for the monster the entire time as Daisy currently does? Maybe they could alert you to the presence of the man-eating plants, Kraken’s mines, or mark the Wraith’s decoy as a fraud.

They can be deployed as medics. Yep, that’s right. Dogs that bring meds to wounded on the field. How awesome would it be if once per round your war dog could save you or one team member from the brink of death without a strike?

They can be used as mobile cameras. Modern war dogs are fitted with mics and cameras so they can sneak into hostile territory and become the eyes and ears of their handler. Imagine being able to send your dog ahead, switch to your his camera, and mark the monster like Bucket does with his UAV.

They grab and hold hostiles. I realize it would take one hell of a dog to hold onto a Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith, but maybe the dog could grab for a second on command just to interrupt and be a nuisance. It could be used to good tactical advantage if done right.

I’m betting you guys could help me come up with tons of other cool ideas.

I found this to be somewhat poetic in its’ own way.

July 1942, written by the Remount Branch of the Quartermaster Corps
*“He is surer and faster; he can find his way in daylight or dark­ness, in any kind of weather, over rough or smooth terrain, open or jungle country, at high or low altitude, and in cold, or snow. He can carry a message for short distances at great speed. He is a difficult target because of his size, speed, and natural ability to take advantage of cover.”

Some more info:

Can we please haz a Super Dog?


Hold up, got something here you should see.

Far right with the bird is the fourth trapper.


As I said in my opening line, I figured it might be too late. It seems I was right. Thanks for showing me that.

Still, I don’t think I was going to happy until I wrote all that out. It’s been knocking around in my head for a few days now. I feel better regardless. lol.


As for the OP, first I’m amused at the whole “White guy playing a black woman” deal :D. Nothing bad, just amused.

As for your suggestion - it sounds a lot like what Daisy already offers to the team:

  • She is a medic (she licks people up)
  • She tracks the monster (finding albino’s isn’t needed - as you play the game long enough you’ll start to remember where they are on each map. As for the plants… well… not much to help there. Just watch where you’re running :P)
  • Mobile Camera (her tracking is kinda doing that already - in a sense. Besides if she was more of a Camera Bucket would loose merit with his UAV)

That said, I do agree on a male trapper/ companion role and believe the austringer will fit that. Didn’t want to come across as negative, but felt I should just put it forward.

Any thoughts on what powers a trained hawk could do for the hunter team?


Yeah, I’m too late. I realize that Daisy already does some of this stuff. I guess I was just thinking that maybe there was a way to work another pair in that was similar but did things just differently enough to offer some unique combos and playstyles.

Anyway, I’m guessing the bird will probably do like I described above as far as scouting a radius around the player. It might even provide a kind of “smell” function like what the monster has for the hunter that uses it. I would also imagine that this character will have a gadget of some kind as well, but the possibilities there are essentially endless. It doesn’t have to be anything like anything we have in the game already.

I hope no one takes offense at my OP and reasoning for not wanting to play as Maggie. I’m not trying to be rude. I tend not to play as female characters in video games anyway and characters really have to resonate with me for me to want to play them. It rarely has anything to do with overall viability or power level. Good example: I used DMRs in BF4 primarily for over a year. I was, at one point, number 9 in the world with them. In the first few months, they sucked and needed a buff. I didn’t care. I loved everything about them and refused to use easier, more competitive guns. For me, it’s about the experience and immersion. Something about the deadly efficiency of a DMR resonated with me and I couldn’t put them down. I have opened up a bit to the idea of playing as characters that I normally wouldn’t as I got older but I still don’t really get into it unless something about that character grabs me. Since I don’t have a common anything with Maggie, it’s harder to get into playing as her for me.

I have no idea if I’m explaining this well at all.


As an aspiring falconer (Someday, once I have the time and money), I want to point out that the austringer title really mostly applies to people flying shortwings- Cooper’s hawks, goshawks and the like. I think the bird there may be a little more outright falcon-y, judging by what I can see of the wing silhouette and long tail.

A trained hawk or falcon… I’m going to throw my knowledge of falconry out the window right now. Frankly, not much that a bird could do against a monster like that. Yeah, people use eagles to hunt wolves and even deer (some European deer species are on the small side), but they have their limits. That being said, “waiting on” (I’ll explain more about this in a moment) is a very viable strategy, and one that could actually be used here. I.E., you send out the bird to find the monster, and once it finds it, it circles way above it out of reach, essentially acting as a form of carrion bird that continually follows the monster until the bird returns to the trapper for a morsel of food or something (the “reload” animation). That’s the best idea I could come up with. The other thing I thought of was having the bird harass the monster to get it off kills and whatnot, but it would be waaaaay to easy for the monster to kill it with an AoE attack.

“Waiting on” IRL is when you train the hawk or falcon to fly and circle high above you, waiting for the chance to dive on flushed prey. It’s mostly used with peregrine falcons, gyr falcons and their allies, although broadwing hawk (the buteos) species can take quite well to it, especially out west where there are plenty of wide, open areas that allow the bird to take advantage of the benefits of this style of hunting to its fullest.

How will the bird track?

Nice! Thankyou for the education. Always enjoy learning something (and thats not sarcasam either - hard to tell on here - I genuinely learned something from this).

I am genuinely curious as to what the Falcon/ Bird/ Hawk will do. Specifically, what niche will it fill that the current trappers don’t.

But anyway thats off topic. There was one thought I had to your original idea which was a skin for Maggie/ Daisy to make them look more “man and dog” but that would also require a voice-pack. So sadly I think that idea is out the window.

Hope you get used to being a black woman with attitude!! :smiley: