Deserter Penalty

There needs to be some sort of reset timer for the deserter penalty. It is completely infuriating getting a deserter penalty for something you have no control over (protocol error, dashboarded, etc.). I recently got 2 deserter penalties, 2 minute and 20 minute, respectively, even though I was able to rejoin and finish the game out. Now I just got a 2 hour deserter penalty for getting dashboarded during monster select. “XBox One: Fix to address memory leaks that caused crashes/kicking the player back to the dashboard (which happened frequently in playing multiple matches, particularly in Broken Hill Foundry)” - Patch 5.0 Notes

You need to have a reset for the deserter penalty, so problems you claim to have fixed but haven’t wont stop your dedicated player base from being able to play. If you implement a 12 or 24 hour timer reset it will help prevent people from being unfairly banned for an excessive amount of time. I really want to play because I love what you have done with this patch in terms of the ranking system, but I am afraid I will get booted from a game and get a day ban for my next offense.

Another suggestion would be to add a forgiveness system, allow a player to have one ban forgiveness per 24 hours until you fix your crashes. Obviously people could just leave a game and use this to play again right away, but would you rather ban an honest player for 1+ days for something (s)he had no control over or let a leaver get away with one offense per day?

Anyway, I am just disappointed that people can be banned for an obscene amount of time for something they have no control over


Yeah, i’m prone to disconnecting sometimes, and it sucks that i get punished for it.

Please join the existing thread for this. There’s been tons created about this today.

please link


So, you shouldn’t have gotten a twenty minute penalty. We found a bug with our penalty timer. Fix coming soon. Check in the progress bug page for details.