Describe your great games here

This is for storytelling/bragging/lyricising about your games, or part of them, that were just good fun… because of course you didn’t think to record them, or you couldn’t!

This isn’t the place for being a salty boo boo, evolve anonymous is over there (click here) if you want to vent.


I had been in a very tense fight as Gorgon with a two man party team of Abe, Hyde, Bucket and Val all game. They domed me at stage 1 and I couldn’t break through them at all. I knew I had to take my licks there and just ready for escape. They also caught me twice at stage 2, though with the extra power I was able to start building up those strikes. The heavy damage they were dealing though meant that by the time I had evolved to stage 3 I was left on just under 50% health for the final fight.

Thankfully the hunters didn’t think to hold the dome too much when I came at them with the Sloth Damage Buff under my webbed claws. Doming straight away, I was able to bring the fight to them and brute force through the heals and mechanised recharge to kill the assault that I had built a couple of strikes on earlier in the game.

Still standing was the trapper with one strike, the medic with one strike, and Bucket who was strike free. I took the opportunity to go and armour up, looking at the dropship timer… 1 minute 44 on the clock, that was my new game timer. With my health now near to 25% after taking out the assault this wasn’t a game that was ging to go any other way than me wiping them out before the dropship timer, or them dropping in and consequently dropping me!

So bucket was my next focus, the next biggest damage dealer I knew I needed to take him out of the equation, especially with that damn recharge ability. The three hunters were all up on top of the relay to start, as I came back with my armour back to 100%. Fighting bucket wasn’t easy but his dedication to stay on top of the Relay helped as I think Val couldn’t always get the line of sight needed for the heals. After a final particularly useful combo of spider, websnare and acid I managed to chase him down and off the relay and take him out.

About 30 seconds left on the clock, it was getting very tense now as I didn’t know if I was going to manage it. Never mind the sentries that are still there, the damage that was coming in now in general was low enough that I wasn’t worried about getting killed in the time before the dropship came. Now to take out Val.

One cycle of abilities and she was sitting on barely any health, a sneak pounce was broken by one of those remaining sentry guns, but lashing out with my claw she bit the dust. What time was left now? 13 seconds. Shit.

Abe’s the only one left, did he run? No! The fool stuck around to fight! So on to him I go, acid spraying everywhere… what’s he doing? It seems… maybe trying to go and revive Bucket?! Oh dear. Dropship incoming, Bucket dies anyway. It’s now or never. Sneak pounce… broken by the sentry gun again!

So I lash out again and again, acid spray, websnare… and… with what must have been a second or two to go… Hunters are all dead, Monster wins.

Phew! Well fought hunters. In the post match they rightly said… one poison perk and that game would have been theirs. Of course, there were other mistakes they made that could have meant my demise, but the end result was a close and great game.

edit: @Blaz_kun not sure if these were your friends as you seemed to be in a lobby with them a couple of games after!


When u set up traps and ambush overconfident hunters who run far away from their team at stage 1, FeelsGoodMan.

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Ok. Meme aside, one of the best games I have had and learned a lot by rewarching it is the comeback from the silver of hp.

Assault was the last person.


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I’ve probably mentioned this a thousand times, but Legacy Kraken (probably around launch) with full health and full armor fought against me on Slim with a pub Markov. Just us two. He wasn’t half bad either, considering that this was around the time the game first launched. Markov and I coordinated our skills together and TENDERIZED the Kraken in the cave system on Dam.

Edit: Forgot to mention it was Stage 3. Our Cabot and Griffin were like, level one pubs who went out and did their own thing.


Yesterday I was playing as Behemoth on Cataclysm and I was getting destroyed at every fight.

Finally got to Stage 3 with around 1/3 health left and got the cooldown reduction perk since DR wouldn’t really benefit, needed to get those hunters down as fast as possible.

Anyway we had a big fight at the relay and luckily they didn’t go to the hunter favoured area with all the pillars.

Jack was the last person alive and had barely any health left while running around a pillar thing that I couldn’t do much against. There was 2-3 seconds left on the dropship timer and fissure just got off cooldown so I aimed towards the pillar, mashed 3 and it just clipped him and won me the game.

In the victory cinematic the hunters were floating inside of Behemoth (weird bug), that’s how close it was.


I mainly solo queue so unlikely unless it was with Darkinwolf or AEther Reaper.

I was playing gorgon yesterday in distillery, they domed me at the northeast cave. I managed to corner their medic between a cliff and the dome outline, their assault tried to revive her while the support and trapper where doing god knows what but it comes down to this:
I pushed them all towards the same corner with spider web and then killed them all in 15s with acid and a few hits.

Literally cornered 4 hunters in the same corner, the satisfaction :weary::+1:


Most games are epic!

Had one as emet earlier on hunt, three times I was the last hunter and managed to bait the monster on me long enough to get the other three respawn at the beacon.

Or an epic 2-1 win in arena as sunny vs kraken and saved everyone’s skin countless times with the boost and shield. Then the final round was won in sudden death with my nuke launcher 400% boost.


Probably the Arena mode game against a BMing Bob. Don’t ya love when someone BMs as Monster after winning 1 Arena round then loses the next 2? Me too

2nd round I wasn’t really paying attention. Assault ran in and got himself killed real fast so I thought we were doomed. I was Slim, with a Cabot and Abe. I let Bob push me into a corner and use Fissure on me. Almost dead. Damage Amp goes live…

Full health. This inspired me. So when the lava bomb came out I dodged past Bob. No longer in my corner, I ate every tongue grab and rock wall and dodged every fissure and lava bomb. Since it was Bob, I didn’t miss a single pellet and the damage Amp sent my heal output through the clouds.

Good day.

Couldn’t resist sending the Bob a “GG” afterwards.

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Match of Cataclysm, got picked Medic for some reason (prefered Support). Didn’t have any character bought, so I went with Val, whom I played only in the tutorial.
I were the first one to be focused and the first one to die every time. Supp asking me if I ever played Val before and such. I did a below average job.

So. Goliath was Stage 2, we had a fight on the west side of the map. Entire team got wrecked and I ran like hell, sticking to the rock wall. Monster didn’t seem to know how to pounce me, throwing out rocks and burning me to a crisp as I managed to juke out of his range. When he leaped at me, I jumped on top of the rock wall and ran as fast as I could before Goliath could keep up. By that time, 30 seconds passed and my team returned. Goliath was decimated afterwards.

So, yea. Level 3 Val juked the hell out of a Goliath and that won Hunters the game. GG for me :val:


I had a game where the medic got stuck between dome and wall. He said he is bugged.

Teammates decided to jump into monsters face regardless.

Good times.

oh well it was in the first day of quantum caira release the match was 33 min long we were at the orbital drill map vs a kraken we were gonna die in the first encounters but one of us ran away after each encounter, then in stage 3 we all got inside the relay room and me (quantum caira) kept spamming healing zones in that room we pretty much became god mode in that room and the kraken was trying all his abilities for 15 mins to kill us then we reduced the kraken health by 50% then the kraken decided to enter the room with us he downed us all but bucket the kraken pounced bucket, and bucket used the shield and mechanized recharge to stay alive longer, the kraken had 1 bar of health left and all of us were shooting him till he died that was an unforgetable match.

i remember my match in evolve stage 2 it was the second match of evolve stage 2 i was emet with some random f2p Pubs vs a meteor (the first weekly rotation monster) we never found the monster because the trapper didnt know how to planet scan, monster reached stage 3 i told my teammates to come the relay we first encountered the monster, they die , i respawn beacon they die i respawn beacon they die i respawn beacon Then THEY DIED i was 1v1 the monster he got 1 BAR of health my beacon was 20 secs , i was dodging all most all his attacks from the monster then i decided to shoot the monster with my missiles (10 secs beacon respawn timer) the monster had 50% of health bar left (5 sec beacon timer) i was 15% health he rocked throwed me and i dodged (Teammates Respawn) and they kill Him Monster adds me : HACKER INFINITE JETPACK FLYING i do not wish to tell his name

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I was solo-ing as blitz-kov with a team consisting of Caira, Bucket and Maggie. We were up against a Meteor Goliath. Fast forward to stage 3, I was the only one alive, we were defending the relay, and the monster was around 4 bars of health. I tried kiting the guy down and he walked over 3 of my fully charged mines. He went straight down to less than a bar of health, and I finished him off with a few headshots with my assault rifle. Crazy game


How does damage amp of Cabot increase your healing as Slim?

It doesn’t, but that’s for another thread :slight_smile: