Derp moments?

Like… When you just go full brain-fart mode…

Example: Just now I half woke up to see my PC screaming “scheduled hardware scan will begin in 10 minutes”
I wasl like NOPE! Had the option to hit the dropdown bar and “remind me in 4 hours”
Good. Now… I accidentally hit the “scan now” button instead of “postpone”…



I actually heard a discussion of a terribly stupid blonde.

Guy: Hey how are you

Blonde: I ate spaghetti

Guy: ???


Aaaaaaaaaaand my late afternoon has been made. xD

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When i put the cereal in the fridge, the bowl and spoon in the cupboard and put the milk in the sink after eating breakfast. Then only realizing when i’m in the shower. It’s happened like 5 times goddammit.

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Its even better hearing it in Greek.

Like it makes it 10 times funnier.

I’ve also heard stories about this blonde but they are kinda innapropiriate

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Oh yah. I once almost threw my clothes in the trash instead of the laundry basket…


Ha. I have a routine of turning on my ps4 then my tv, but when turning off, i turn the tv off first then the ps4, then out’ve instinct turn the tv back on by accident. It’s a mess.

I had a glorious little conversation in the lab the other day.

Coworker one: “Hey, were you using the liquid nitrogen recently?”
Me: awkward silence…sprints to other side of lab…sprints back and hands coworker one a wrench and a tape measure
Me: Got you covered!
Coworker One: “I…what eve-”
Coworker Two: (interrupts) “These aren’t even batteries. What were you thinking?”
Coworker Three: “This explains nothing about quantum mechanics at all!”

long awkward silence…everyone just leaves

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a communication breakdown before. We all kinda pretend it never happened.



Sounds like a total system meltdown there.

No clue what happened there. It was a real mess! Never happened again though, so it works out :smile:


So I got a bunch of friends I’m playing a board game with today. So we schedule everything, agree on what game to play, and go get stuff ready.

And only now, thirty minutes before we were supposed to start, someone corrected one of my comments in the thread we’re organising it in as to what game are we actually playing, while I was downloading the files for a completely different one for the past hour, on a completely different engine.

And it was me who suggested to play the game we all agreed on.



I have this little clubhouse where sometimes my friends think in certain kinda special ways.


“Tucker can you come here a minute?”
What ma
“Have you seen your brothers shirt?”
Yeah it was in the dishwasher


Me and a friend play a game called Warframe together. We are currently building up our dojo and we were going to check on it.
We both decide to log on.
I launch up Evolve and he launches up Insurgency and we start playing, expecting to see each other.
We are both idiots. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh don’t you bring Tucker to this thread too!

He is a Tucker though ._.

We’re talking Red Vs. Blue Tucker.

He’s not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need a cup of coffee…