Depth of Environment Play


Personally I find the environmental interaction the most enjoyable feature of this game (I main monster). Using signals/tells to your advantage, trying to find more hostile areas to lead the hunters to, Tyrants with carnivorous plants nearby Etc.

There are a few variations of this of course but it seems very limited. Anyone else feel like the environment could use just little more love to make gameplay have a little more depth?


That would only favor the monster tho.


I think there’s room for more but I’d hold off on changing current maps (maybe we can think of the more as a “beginner pack”) and put efforts into enhancing the environment and adding complexity in what is to come.


The weather and time of day is an amazing aspect of the game as well.

I’ve always argued that a lot of the placement for wildlife and plants should be RNG placement instead.


To my knowledge wildlife is randomly generated. Carnivorous plants, poison dens (sorry I don’t remember the actual name given) and acid pits I’m not so sure of.

One of the frustrating things I have found is not being able to climb on all the pillars/walls. I don’t want to be able to climb all the way up or on top of BUT I would like to be able to get a quick look at the map and use it as a leap point. This would benefit all the monsters in a limited way, kraken would gain the most.


Just another Environment idea I posted in another thread.

Anyone else have any cool ideas? They don’t have to be beneficial to Monsters.