Depth free weekend + 66% off!

So Depth, an underwater asymmetrical game pitting sharks against humans, can be played for free for the next day. It also has a 66% off deal, so if you like it, it’ll be worth getting it :wink:

Just pulled this from a review, a break down of game modes :

First up we have ‘Blood and Gold’. In ‘Blood and Gold’ four human divers must protect an underwater robot called S.T.E.V.E while he travels around the map opening old safes to find loot. With the objective to kill the divers and stop S.T.E.V.E we have two sharks, killing humans rewards the sharks with skill points which can be used to unlock skills making the sharks more powerful. In ‘Blood and Gold’ both teams have 30 respawn tickets, the sharks win if the humans use all 30 respawn tickets and the humans win if the sharks lose all 30 respawn tickets or they safely get S.T.E.V.E back to the dive boat with all the loot. This game mode focuses on close encounters in cramped rooms.

The second game mode which was recently released in a free content update is called ‘Megaladon Hunt’. In ‘Megalodon Hunt’ five divers take on the Megalodon, a far more powerful version of the Great White. The divers are tasked with killing the Megalodon and whoever gets the kill then becomes the Megalodon, divers can get better weapons by collecting treasure along the sea floor. The objective of the Megalodon is to stay alive and kill divers but with no health regeneration in this game mode this player must also hunt seals as they dart around the map which provide the Megalodon with more health. This game mode focuses on map-wide combat as the divers chase down the powerful shark.

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Not to mention, even if it is 66% off, and you don’t like it, Steam has a refunding system! Granted, you must have played under 2 hours worth of gameplay and refund it within 2 weeks of buying. :slight_smile:
I recommend it though, with or without friends, it’s reallllllly fun :3

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I recommend buying it. Nice timewaster, plus it somehow gets the general hunter-and-hunted feeling Evolve shares right.

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How big is the file? There’s about 25 hours left on it, but my internet is relatively slow :L

Uuuuuuuuh, hmm… Was it 2GB? 6? I’m not sure, it wasn’t that big :stuck_out_tongue:

Yaaaaaay! I can download that overnight then, and play it tomorrow. Any tips for new players?

3 GB. IIRC, of course.

Spread out and always keep an eye out if you’re a diver. If you’re a shark, shake your mouse like theres no tomorrow when they’re in your mouth.
Keep in mind each team has limited lives.

Spear gun op af

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I’ll add some.

Look for loot gold as divers, but never go for the pieces out of STEVE’s way alone. Ticket isn’t worth the extra equipment. If you know a buddy can cover you and kill the shark who may kill you, then go.

Splitting rounds are the way to go until you learn to aim.

Once you learn to aim, Spear Gun OP AF.

Sharks are so trash it’s hard to find a match as one.

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they need to do this for Evolve

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Just played a few rounds, it’s pretty awesome on both the diver’s and the Shark’s sides! :smile:
(and all of those in-game puns A+)

Had a Great White shark player complain today about me because I was using a net gun. lol

I second this game.

IMO, its evolve-like(asymmetrical game) but I love how there are 2 sharks, so you can work with someone. The lives each get make it quite fun. There is a lot of… dare I say it… Depth to the game. It is a blast to play and I love that everyone can queue together and queue as either shark or diver and you can play together that way too!

A lot of nice features all in all and its fast too, game is loaded and in queue for a match in less than 30 seconds, usually in a game at 60 seconds too.

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