Depth - Blood & Gold, or how I learned to love the Shark

So yeah, speaking of assymetric multiplayer games, … I’ve been playing this little hidden ( or suken? ) gem for a little while now, and I only have about four friends to play with-- and they are not always around.

I was wondering if other forumgoers played this game, and if not, please go check it out! It’s an amazing game, at the very least, in anticipation to tearing up people in Evolve. The tearing mechanics feel amazing <3

So yes, who wants to group up and hunt?

I saw a trailer for this and I just couldn’t get into it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve watched some people streaming it, but the whole shooting underwater thing just bugs me :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, I do like the ‘thrashing’ mechanic to kill.

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To be honest, as amazing as both sides are to play, I prefer shark because I’m tired of shooters. This sort of feels like underwater counter strike for the divers though! You have a third dimension to watch out for, though, danger can come from ANYWHERE.

Ya, the shark aspect appealed to me.

This looks cool! I’ll have to do some reading on this one. Sharks rule!

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I really enjoyed this game, but I stopped playing because it was nearly impossible to get a full team and play against another full team. As fun as playing as a shark was, stomping the divers over and over because they didn’t communicate and usually had a useless teammate dragging them down got old. Also, I have the nagging suspicion that, as player skill goes up in Depth, the chance for the sharks to win goes far, far down.

They’re rolling out an update today or tomorrow, apparently. I just learned of it right after making this thread.

It’ll have these following things;

  • New Game Mode: Megalodon Hunt
  • New Map: Devil’s Head
  • New Sharks: Mako, Tiger, Rebalanced Great White
  • New Gear: Shark Shield

The Megalodon Hunt makes me think of Evolve a lot, considering it’s a 5v1 game mode O:

4 (5 in this case) v 1 hype train is real.

Seems like when TRS introduces a new gaming experience to the industry it sets off a trend ( a good one I might add) and other devs get in on it. Even Dying Light has a 4v1 mode which is clearly influenced by Evolve. Even a Kickstarter Campaign is funding Last Year which is a 5v1 game.

I personally like the 4v1 or Coop PvP (as I like to call it) and it’s by far my most favourite genre so far in gaming and the one of the best things to happen to the industry. Teaming up with your friends to take down a single, powerful entity is a pretty damn fun concept that surprisingly took this long to see the light of day.

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I’ve been playing! It’s a lot of fun, though it’s true it might get a little repetitive after a while. But new gamemodes and maps should spice things up! Feel free to add me on Steam if you want to play. omni

Thanks, but there’s a LOT of "omni"s out there. Mind linking to your steam profile?

Click it bro

Thanks for editing :'D

I was thinking about getting this ever since I got around to see a friend of mine play, but didn’t get it yet.

Steam sales are inbound tho, so I’m crossing my fingers.

I am $5 from being able to afford this game. So close, yet so far.

Steam Name: Hadrosaur Hero :wink:

Free Weekend of Depth ends tomorrow! Try this game! It is fun on both sides! Its on sale for $8.49 too @Bear_Stream if you have not gotten it yet!

I’ve had it.
Got boring with only 1 real mode.