Depressing April Fools Day Stories - How bad did you get got?


I just got got bad.

14 days after the fact no less.

I feel… Shame, mostly, that I actually thought this was a thing for a few minutes.

Come on guys, share your stories of getting got by april fools day pranks.


I don’t get pranked. I prank pranks.

-Chuck Norris, 3017


My students pranked me. They pretended one of them broke their arm practicing. Had me going for a second.

Then they dumped a bucket of ice on my head and screamed “April Fools!” as I went to help him. :confused: Not entirely sure how I felt about that.


I don’t get fooled, its kinda hard to trick a guy that knows all the tricks :confused:


theres a legend at my school that someone cut a car in half and welded it around the flagpole for april fools. it happened a long time ago, but I wish I had been there.


Probably blown waaaaay out of proportion.


no, I’ve heard teachers talk about it and its even painted on the wall in one of the halls. everyone saw it firsthand, I don’t see how it could have been exaggerated.


It happens, quite easily in fact. :wink:


My friend sent me a video telling me it was the Fallout 4 reveal trailer. Take a wild guess what the actual video was…

Then another friend told me that the fourth wave of amiibos were getting only one day of pre-orders at gamestop tomorrow, I was hoping that was a prank… it wasn’t :goliath_roar: