Demon Core destroys Steam!

Dear God…

Thanks for posting this. If you can help @MajorLeeHyper by posting what steps you’ve taken so far, the more information we have, the better.

We were hoping we had resolved these issues before launching, but it looks like some slipped through. Please know that we are working on it right now to figure things out and get everyone back in game with all their content.

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Well my procedure…
launch time…nothing happened…I restartet steam…download happened…
press evolve play button…steam frozen…steam shuts down…restart steam…
repeat the procedure like 5 times…:)…still same

Can confirm after verifying cache and restarting steam AND restarting the PC it doesn’t help.

I would give you a like to show you that I like your actions and the verification…BUT this is nothing to like…it should be something positive to like…
but TW…I share your horrible situation right now…:slight_smile:

Sorry guys, it seems it might be an issue with Steam, but we’re having trouble replicating it here.

We really appreciate your patience. While you wait, can I suggest making a cup of tea and reading through some Christmas stories? Like to vote for your favorites :slight_smile: Holiday Story Community Contest -- Winners Posted!

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#Okay guys
If you have Avast, disable “Deepscreen”.
That’s got me in.
@TheSub @Franky


You’re da real MVP TW…for sure…:smiley:

Thanks Man!

Did that work for people other than TW? I’m trying to relay info to our teams working on this.

@ToiletWraith do you have all your DLC content available?

So the Avast fix is working for everyone?

Ninja’d by Chloe


I can have a look!

Yep, everything is unlocked, @Chloe.

Looks like this might be an avast issue guys.

What’s an avast issue?

I’m now at work…ill check back when I’m home! Wants to play with my new toy :frowning:

for me this one worked…:)…but I don’t want to turn avast off everytime I play evolve…:confused:

You can add Evolve to exclusions for your deepscreen. :stuck_out_tongue: You dont have to completely shut Avast down.
Just uncheck Enable Deepscreen and you’re set :stuck_out_tongue:


hm yeah will have to do so next time I guess…but I just wanted to test emet only once…our medic will play him enough as soon as we will have time for it…^^…so for now it isn’t that much an issue cause I can’t play cause of no time…
But I humbly thank you anyway…:slight_smile:

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