Demo Game mode?


So as new hunters/monsters are released, people are going to want to try before they buy. I get that we’ll be able to play against these characters. But as I understand it, we’ll have to be very lucky to drop into a bot if we want to play as these characters without having the DLC.

So I wanted to know if the devs were thinking of a demo mode that was restricted to single player, playing a shortened round of hunt on a demo-specific map where you could try out the dlc characters without gaining progression on them or anything. Could even let new players try characters/perks they haven’t unlocked yet.

I’ve no idea how feasible this is but I think it’s a good idea.

"Test Arena" mode for new characters

In solo you can choose the AI Hunters, including DLC ones you don’t own. Then just hop into the mid game. You cannot do this with monsters outside of very small RNG matchups where a Behemoth player left and you took over.


They probably will do a Free Weekend kind of thing on Steam and whatever other platforms do for that kind of thing at some point.


I wanna rez this thread. I feel like a demo mode for dlc will assuage many peoples misgivings about paying $45 for something they may not like using.

I know you can solo mode with dlc hunters, but that feels gimmicky and you can’t do it for monsters.

I would love to see a demo mode (or individual tutorial levels?) for the new stuff