Deluxe Digital Preorder pls help


Can someone tell me why that when I open the evolve and go into solo/multiplayer and try to play wraith it tells me I have to level up all of the krackin’s abilities even though I have the hunting season pass installed


I’ve even tryed re downloading the hunting season pass but nothing happened


Which system are you on? For xbox, wraith should have been auto unlocked, but there is a bug preventing that for now.

in all other systems, you must get all rank 1 mastery with goliath and all rank 1 mastery with kraken to unlock wraith.


I’m on Xbox one and I’ve played as wraith before But now all of the third character unlocked have been locked again


gotcha - what you are seeing is a 2K server bug. It is a known issue, and they are working on a fix as we speak. Until it comes back, your only way to play wraith will be to unlock it. It’s a sucky bug to have - so sorry!