Deltarune: the Undertale...sequel, I guess? (Spoilers)


So yesterday, Toby Fox released…well, something. Whatever it is, it’s a thing that is a thing. He’d teased it for a day or so beforehand, and then asked people not to talk about it for a day. It’s been a day, so I’m talking about it now. It’s not too long (I completed it in one night) but damn, it’s got some juicy tits. BITS! I MEANT BITS! DAMMIT FUCK

…anyway, let’s all just agree to repent to our lord and savior, Lancer, mkay?


That ending really caught me off guard. Was not expexting that. With all the shit being discovered over on the Undertale subreddit, I really can’t wait until chapter 2. Damn you Toby, working on this game for years right under everyone’s nose!

Toby also recently posted this to his twitter explaining what the deal is with the connection to the original game.
Short answer: It isn’t connected. At least not yet. It’s like an alternate universe type of thing. The original game and characters are just how you left them in the ending of Undertale. Though all of this could very well be a cover up considering all the links to Gaster and other things from Undertale. I’m super excited to see where this goes!



It was pretty fun too. At first, I thought it was a prequel but quickly realized that couldn’t be true since… it was all modern.

My belief is that it’s set in a timeline where the Monsters were never banished underground.


Welp, I was impressed with what I saw in the playthrough I watched. I mean, it’s the same but different. It managed to be like Undertale but have its own indentity. I look forward to seeing the rest of the game.


I played through it fully. Really enjoyed it. Themes were good and most jokes were actually funny. I hope Toby can find a team so he can actually finish it. Combat is way better than the original and the partner mechanic is really well done.


If the final game is as crazy good as this demo was, this one might just surpass Undertale :smiley_cat:

It’ll probably be a few years before we see anything new from this but I’ll be excited the whole time


Hate to double post, but can I just give a shout out to the music in this game, particularly these two:

The music in Undertale was great, and Toby clearly hasn’t lost his touch.


I usually post these in the fanart thread, but I thought they would work better here. I made these a few days ago: