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Edit: I removed my post due to my dislike of it.


Wish I didn’t but there are just some things that really really suck right now.
Depressing really.
I wanna love this game so badly…


Maybe people don’t wanna listen to someone else that talks as if they’re the best or superior at the game and wrongfully assumes which players are bad and which players are good despite not having any clue as to how that player(s) plays. But the rest I agree with like how the hunters are OP because they are broken and not balanced to where only the people that practice are good but instead are balanced for uncoordinated teams that don’t have to talk to each other to win (from personal experience). Using the telemetry data to balance the game is a HUGE mistake. I’m actually about make a thread describing how the using such data is bad for balance instead of good for balance


Actually, I played against this guy before, he was terrifyingly good :stuck_out_tongue:
Never though a Goliath could beat a Markov team without a single point in fire breathe…but he did…made me regret that first dome as well…


Both Sunny and Torvald are obnoxious when played properly by smart people. Especially against Goliath. I guess Wraith as well but I don’t play her as often.

Sunny + Torvald have actually made me think that after reaching s2 I should stay there and hope the hunters make a mistake or blunder into bad spot because I absolutely dread the relay fight. My worst nightmare is when hunters smart up and realize camping the relay with Sunny against Goliath is a free win.

It’d be unfair to say it’s all Sunny’s fault though, they made terrain too easy to abuse against certain Monsters. If you could play like Kraken where you don’t give a crap about people jumping on and off ledges or buildings or running circles around the stupid ship and box on Distillery it’d be much more manageable.

Goliath could already have a hard time against Hank/Caira on the final fights…


Oh I never said he was bad. Winning without fire breath is actually quite simple for experienced players (like heidnu and I). I use fire breath because I love how it looks and I just love the concept. It makes Goliath much more menacing in my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

It is supremely boss. :slight_smile:

Also, I hate to say it but I agree on at least a couple of those issues- Sunny and unfun…Regardless of whether it is OP or not, it is NOT fun to fight a Sunny.


Lvl 3 fire breathe is my jam, Sunny cries, Val dies, and Hank can’t shield em all ^.-

I just wish Rock Throw and Leap Smash weren’t so bugged…

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Maybe they will listen with the competitive players saying the same thing. I posted a thread with the same concerns yesterday as to why I have officially left the game but I’m not competitive. Hopefully they really start taking it into consideration. What they have created is a game where being the monster is frustrating and unfun as all hell.

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Oh I know I might sound crazy but I actually like versing Sunny because I figured out how to counter her shield drone and jet pack booster before the patch since I haven’t played the most recent patch because my PC is in the shop. She is the most difficult of the supports don’t get me wrong, but how I counter the shield is by continually switching targets with melee and when I make the target I want vulnerable by attacking another hunter, I save my ability for the hunter I want once he’s exposed to deal the most damage possible, and to counter the jet pack booster I just focused the Sunny player either until I got her downed, she got out of my sight, or if the situation tells me to back off due to taking a lot of damage or whatnot. Also whenever you get the chance, break the drone and attack either the medic or Sunny. It works very well. You can see it in one of my videos of how I use some of these tactics. Here lemme show ya.

Sunny and Torvald are making me super salty, even when I play with them.

I’m not sure how Sunny works right now, but Tovald is still wayyy too strong right now.

I find it weird that they would allow T4 on that tourney, they haven’t been tweaked them for the tournament yet have they?

Pubbing is bad enough with the Sunny and Torvald, can’t imagine how broken they will be with competitive teams once they figure out how to exploit them. Sad how Kraken is the only viable monster because of them, other monsters are cool but still…

Playing hunters are a ton loads more fun than playing alone especially with how good most of the hunter abilities are.

I’m still holding on the rope that someday will have a map with more balancing between the hunters and monsters.

Community is toxic, does not listen to what higher end players have to
say, without having too strong opinions in the pub world what’s right
and whats wrong.

This statement in it self is quite toxic/arrogant. Only because a player has won a Tournament it doesn’t mean his/her Opinion of the game is fully true nor should it be taken as that without further discussion.

Sunny can make a hunter move faster than a Goliath with 3 traversals
post patch and be waiting for the monster to evolve when reaching the
evolve location.

Kraken can fully “counter” the gravity-add of Tranq by using his Transversals wisely. This is pretty much the same statement just about a monster. Yes Sunny’s Jetpackboost is strong, that’s nothing new, though just bringing in the Trapper to dome you alone is not always the best thing. Doming in bad places, for example Caves on Distillery with the Trapper being alone for ~ 5-10 seconds until his team catches up isn’t the best thing.

Torvald still does too much damage.

Yes and no. Seeing my Assault hitting Goliaths/Behemoths like a Truck often makes me go “dayum” - however, it’s way harder to hit those numbers vs Wraith/Kraken unless they do mistakes (fly straight lane, climb up open field, …)

I think he could use a little nerf, but not too much.

Masteries and T4 in tournaments actually make me /quit because I’ve
realized there’s no hope in winning as a Goliath (at least against my
team). Now I have to play Kraken (which is broken with masteries) to
combat the broken hunters.

T4 are fine imo, but they should really get out Masteries.

All of the hunters have abilities that make it extremely fun for the
hunters but it makes the monsters life a living hell. I often wonder why
I am playing monster because all of the neat tricks the hunters can do
make me want to play hunter not monster… Why would I want to sit
through a life of living hell every game?

It’s your choice what side you play, really… but talking about “neat Tricks” (cough) you can do as Monster like LeapSmashing -> Fast Rockthrow, all the Ragdoll juggling and Hard-AA-Resetting… - It’s pretty much your Choice. It’s just set that Hunters have 4 times your abilites, thus just from logic there are more possible outcomes on their side.

Maps are probably the worst. I only enjoy playing on a few because most of them are hunter favored.

This is really something people can discuss about. I Think many have different opinions over certain maps, and so do I and my Teammates.

With sunny being in the competitive scene it makes it almost impossible to dome dodge now so why bother.

I will watch the ESL Tournaments tomorrow, but maybe it’s time to adjust playstyle vs Sunny. If you get to stage 2 you should be “fine”, however vs Sunny always think twice about where you want to fight or Evolve. If you want to discuss something in depth sure thing, talk on.

This is what I am living with as a competitive monster. And so far the
game went from fun to possibly the least enjoyable experience I’ve ever
had with a game.

If you’re really having such a bad time, it’s plain simple: Take a break! Try out something new, or come back in a few days, play fewer games a day - try out what works for you.

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Sounds like this wasn’t tested correctly or if you think it was, it was poor path to run from the hunters. Sunnys jetpack boost has 2-3 boosts max before a long recharge unless she had capacity perk. You can outrun that. Might take longer but you can.

Only when he hits. If you’re getting hit by his mortars repeatedly, need to adjust your play style to cope. I did.

Monsters have the masteries too, not exactly a huge gamebreaker. Perhaps it’s just because your team knows how you play. Different people definitely have different playstyles, and you can learn them in just a few matches. Possibly try different tactics from what you’re used to

This is a very subjective observation, can’t really do much about that. This is called asymmetry and is part the core game design. I bet hunters wish they could breath fire or warp blast into the monsters face. (Probably not really but that’s the point)

I can only think of a few distinctly favored for hunters, and then for only specific monsters. Again, just need to adapt your play style.

I would say a lot of these come down to needing to change up your routine. I’ve been on domination streaks until I came up against teams that just outplayed me and I needed to learn different strategies to beat them. It’s a good thing.

The Shield Drone is a mere annoyance to me- I do the same to counter it- but I hate going up against a Sunny/Val/Griffin combo.

I wasn’t trying to self promote. I do that when I first upload the video. I was just trying to support what I said because this is the only video I was able to record that supports what I said before my PC went to the PC ER. Sorry man. I didn’t mean it as a promotion. Just a demonstration of what I typed :blush:

Oh yes that combo makes my butt hurt because it takes way too much effort to beat them when they are smart and work together >_>

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It’s not impossible, but it’s hard, time consuming, not fun at all, and it takes little skill on the Hunters’ part.

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Way too true. As we all know (except for biased hunters players) the game is heavily hunter favored as it is now.

I play Monster and Hunter equally- or I used to, but now Monster is not as fun thanks to the “meta”- so I agree from a completely neutral standpoint.

Please keep it civil everyone. There have been a large increase in personal attacks and comments that do not contribute to threads as of lately. Please be considerate of other people’s opinions even if they are not the same as yours.