Delayed "spongy" feeling pressing Buttons on Keyboard


Hey, i don’t know if its a bug or it should be the way it is right now, but if im for example Hunter and press “Q” for the yellow spots or if i see monster, it doesn’t response that quickly as it was in evolve before … feels like there is a little “lag” and don’t show up immediately.

Same when i play as Monster, and for example i use the Warp Blast … in Legacy Evolve it worked almost immediately when i pressed the button to activate it. Now there seems to be a little delay until it starts …

I’m the only one recognize this? A Friend of me played little time yesterday too and said he felt the same … so what about you all?


The controls have felt fairly responsive to me, although I noticed there was a slight delay (~200 ms) after I clicked before a weapon would fire even in the tutorial, which is unusual in a first person shooter.

It could just be latency to the server with the game not employing any client-side prediction outside of basic movement. There is also the fact that by default abilities are “smart cast” upon releasing the hotkey (not when pressing it). I changed mine so that it casts with a button press and a mouse click to confirm as I prefer that, although I wish you could cancel targeted abilities before confirming them.