Delayed Spawning of Wildlife since patch


Can’t be that I take the same route 10 times and I have 10 different results because stuff like megamouth etc didnt spawn yet.

Edit so everyone understands the issue at hand:
All wildlife is supposed to be there as soon as the game starts. Right now the only stuff that is there at the beginning is albino wildlife and it might take up to 45 seconds to even see the first non albino meat destroying the whole headstart for loud monster players.


the big elite wild life do not respawn and if they reswapn insantly the monster would get stage 3 in 4 mins


They are supposed to spawn instantly because sometimes they do. It is just lag or whatever and it isn’t just that wildlife it is all kind of stuff. Sometimes you run straight into an area and it is empty when there is supposed to be 10+ food.


the makers even said the big elite wildlife does not come back everything else does


It is not about COMING BACK. It is about spawning TOO LATE and randomly at that. All wildlife not just the big ones.


did you search the entire map or did you just keep on going in circles


Of course I keep on going because there is no point wasting my headstart on the hunters standing around.


thye do not respanw unlsess you are far away you cant just keep circles the same spot they will never respawn and i think there is a 3 min repwan time


Mate I know you want to help but I said didn’t spawn yet. As in the match begins and you go to position X, because you know position x hat lots of wildlife. You get there and there is nothing but maybe a reaver (big wildlife and mammoth birds not there yet)

Next map you do the same thing again nothing different but this time there is big wildlife and tons of mammoth birds right of the bat.

Wildlife doesn’t REspawn at the beginning it is all supposed to be there and it isn’t due to whatever reasons.


He means that when the game begins, the wildlife hasn’t appeared yet. They only appear later.

Yeah, I think this is what happens. Once I went onto Dam, ran to Crowbill Canyon with nothing there- not a strider or a reaver or a Sloth- then I came back later and got smacked in the face by an Elite Crowbill. -_-


On the dam going straight left I should pass 1 megamouth initially and one later. Both are not there which is huge because if one of those spawning have the buff I am fucked.


Yeah it’s annoying when on a map where you need to deny a buff close to the starting point, like Fusion Plant with the sloth. I don’t know if its a bug, an oversight, or a feature intended to promote sneaking at the start, but I agree that most wildlife should be present when the match starts and not filter in randomly over a span of 25 seconds.

As a monster that likes to try to trade a strike at stage 1 as soon as I have armor, there’s nothing more irritating than going in a direction and not finding anything, then looking behind and seeing 10 bars of food just waddling around doing nothing.


Something changed in the recent patch, it didn’t use to be so noticeable. Now you walk around and there’s no food. Then 5 seconds later things have magically appeared. Its quite jarring.


Yeah but that something made certain maps an utter nightmare because I find myself searching for my first snack 40 seconds.


Actually it’s kinda nice as the monster because all the albinos spawn first. You can find them more easily by looking and listening.

Unless there’s a restart vote, then all the wildlife is there from the beginning.


I already missed albinos because they didn’t spawn until after I cleared the area. However I wouldn’t bet on it. Are you sure that albinos get priority spawning?


Unless there are fringe cases where they don’t spawn right away. In my experience albinos are always there from the start.

  • Albinos spawn from the start, albeit randomly
  • So does 4 meat wildlife. They do not respawn when killed either.
  • Smaller wildlife spawns pseudo randomly as far as I can tell.
  • Smaller wildlife respawns in the course of a game.

I like the fact that wildlife spanws are not pre-determined. It brings variety in game.

If wildlife was fixed, you would get a few pre-established movement strategies on the map and it would be a matter of knowing the proper paths and counter-paths instead of improvising and adapting.


This is currently not working correctly even if you think it is nice, because that “variety” you speak of is completely paid by the monsters headstart. Yeah what nice variety, that I don’t have any food for 40 seconds. I like variety too I would love for meteorites to sometimes oneshot hunters.

Especially given your information is wrong. People are complaining here because e.g. 4 meat wildlife is missing pretty much all 4 meat wildlife close to the startpoint is missing for me everytime and lots of smaller wildlife.

On the dam I always take the southern path. The first megamouth is always missing ( and will spawn after I passed to delay the hunters ) and even the second one with a chance of roughly 50%. Instead of 6 mammoth birds around the second megamouth I have 1-2 by the time I arrive and when it is time to go there are more which I cannot use anymore.

On rendering plant all southern elites are not there by the time I reach them. Doesn’t matter which path I take the whole bridge area is empty except maybe a reaver. Didn’t go north first yet.

Orbital Drill the area directly north and nort west of the generator is actually inhabited by mammoth birds and that was my old route always quickly snitching 3-4 there BEFORE dropship and then finishing up in the cave. Now I have 0 mammoth birds until the hunters are on the ground.

Medlab I have to go east, because west all 4-meats are missing.

If you know the maps you can see the gravity of this problem


I’ve had this issue for a while, well before 1.3 patch on PC. I hate that I have to ‘sit’ in an area to allow the original creatures to ‘spawn in’.