Deflate the gate!


So for those who follow football, any thoughts on the recent Deflategate ‘revelations’? Personally I couldn’t care less; even if Brady was involved (which they addressed with the hilarious phrase ‘more probable than not’), it’s such a minor form of cheating that had zero affect on the outcome of the AFC (seriously, the Pats could have been playing with a beach ball and they still would have crushed the Colts), who really cares? It would be like if a pro monster player was going up against a bunch of lvl 10 pugs and somehow got extra bar of health; it’s not like that bar would affect the outcome…


If someone cheats, they should be punished. It doesn’t matter if they would’ve won anyway; they felt a need to give themselves an unfair advantage. If you’re going to play a game, play it the way it was meant to be played.

After saying that though, I should point out I don’t really care much for football so whether he did it or not doesn’t really matter to me.


I don’t care to much because, NFL should just control all footballs by lock and key. They let players and teams use them so the quterback can get them the way he likes. I think you should just play with the ball they give you. No other sport let’s you do this. Pitchers can’t cover the baseball in dirt, so why should football let them. Only reason they let them is because the NFL wants high scoring high passing games.

In the end I think its the NFLs fault they should watch the balls better


I would argue that there are still are shades of gray, and at a certain point, when an infraction is so minor and you can’t even definitely pin it on someone, it becomes a non-issue. To use my Evolve metaphor again, it would be like the Pro-monster had one extra bar of health, and the torni officials couldn’t tell if he had somehow put it there or if was just a bug. You just can’t penalize someone in that instance.




If the player saw that their health was starting off higher than it was supposed to, then yes, it is the player’s fault for not saying anything.


Why is the onus on the player and not the refs? The player can just claim “I didn’t notice the extra bar.” and there is no way you could disprove them (regardless of the fact that, if they are pro-evolvers, they would probably notice (I know I sure wouldn’t though)).


The Refs should have checked, I’m not saying they didn’t, BUT… if they didn’t check, then yes, it should fall the player involved. People that train/work that much knows the slightest off things with regards to their playing/performance. If they don’t, then they aren’t that good of a player because professionals would and should notice.

As it is, because there is no way to tell if they did/didn’t know, the game is suspect and therefore should be forfeit. Even if the refs didn’t check, even if the player(s) didn’t notice, even if it was a straight blowout, it doesn’t change the fact that there was in fact an error in the game and should therefore be disqualified. Does it suck, yes. Is it fair though, yes.


The Pat’s are my Favorite teams (buffalo bills) biggest rival, that said… I’ve been saying that they are cheaters for years, I’m bias big time on this latest issue… Cheating is cheating… I don’t care how big of a deal, or impact on the game a few psi to ball really is… It’s about having integrity… it’s a rule for a reason, it was broken,now in question is how many times was it broken in the past? How many big games/plays may have helped been won by this “minor cheating” over the years, not to mention “spy gate”… I hope they make an example of of the Patroits and Brady somehow… They have been accused of shady stuff many times in the past, usually it’s just within the boundaries to being allowed by the league


What the game shouldn’t be overturned. The refs didn’t do there job so they just win by cheating. It isn’t right but that’s all you can do. Because if they overturn that game then do we just have another superbowl?


I don’t know what their protocol is for cheating, so I can’t answer. I don’t know if they need to redo the game, give the other team the win etc… That isn’t my jurisdiction. However, like Buffalo said, cheating is cheating no matter how you try to swing it.

As for the refs not doing their job, if it is their protocol (Which I can’t see why it wouldn’t be) to check the ball(s) before hand and they fail to do so, they should be fired, clear and simple.


In an ideal world I would agree with you, but there are realistic restraints that make what you’re asking unreasonable. You can’t order a replay of something as big as the AFC championship over something as small as ball pressure. Dealing with refunding tickets, rescheduling the game, dealing with advertising deals, television networks…there’s a million different pieces that go into any NFL football game, never mind a game of that size, and it’s just not reasonable to expect all those pieces to be re-arranged over something that small, regardless of if its the fair-play ideal to do so.


Like I said, it’s not my jurisdiction so I can’t say what they should do. I never said they had to redo the game, I was just naming things that ‘might’ happen.

My personal feeling is that if I was in charge of this and my refs didn’t do their job there would be absolute hell to pay for them not doing their job. However, like I said, it’s not my jurisdiction.


Well NFL don’t really overturn games once they happen that goes double for playoff games. They will just maybe give a fine and that’s it. The refs really should have done a better job with the balls.


Why is the onus on criminals and not the cops? I mean the criminal can just say " I didn’t know stealing/raping/murder is illegal… Your right, it’s the people that enforce the rules responsibly when they get broken, let’s not hold anyone responsible for there actions right? I’m hope your picking up sarcasm!


I agree about the refs, but I don’t follow football enough to know what is/isn’t common for them to do with regards to cheating.


Yeah they just won’t overturn the game. Most likely NFL is just going to make Tom Brady sit a few games.


Probably. I dislike the general lack of apathy when it comes to unsportsmanship/cheating in physical sports in general :stuck_out_tongue:


My opinion… They need to fire the equipment guys that did the deed, that automatic (probably already happened)… Fine the Patroits with a big fine, and possibly make them ineligible for playoffs, despite their record this year (send a message to every team, owner, coach, and trainer in the whole league) cheating won’t be tolerated… As for Brady, without any real evidence that he was absolutely involved (obviously he knew they were deflated in game) Its tough to do anything to him personally… It’s one thing to be involve in cheating, but you can’t blame him for not making it known to refs… I mean I don’t call the cops on my friends when I know their driving and talking on phone or speeding…


I watch a good bit of football and will say NFL football is going downhill. Its like they are trying to become a madden video game. All they care about is high scoring games with a lot of passing. Real football is dead. You almost never see any teams that run a lot with a power running back. That and defense is almost impossible to play anymore. All these rules are set in place for more passing yards. A ref can call passer interference on almost any play.