(Defense) Behemoth Nerf / more turrets / better balancing


After the 10th Evacuation against a Behemoth Player or Bot, i can only surrender to this Monster.

My Suggestion are the following:

-Behemoth’s DOT Nerf (dont know about Gorgon’s DOT)
reduce the dmg of the burning lava (or remove it) to the Generator’s and the Turrets (not the player turrets)

-Turret defense Buff (or a shield)
reduce or remove the DOT dmg from the Monster
Minions dmg to Turrets and Generator is fine.

-Rebuild Turrets or more
Turrets are in 3 seconds destroyed -> self-rebuild after some time or a Player/Bot can rebuild it (like reviving a Hunter)

just better… dont know why all the ppl think Behemoth is so bad at defense. He use range to destroy the turrets + taking 10-20% Generator-life away (DOT). And i think he can 1-shot the Turrets if the balancing from evacuation is +4 for the Monster. The dmg to the Hunters is amazing huge. Rolling 20% or more, Fireshot 30%, this Earthscatter/wall take 50% of HP…

Don’t know how to survive if i have to defend the Minions and the Behemoth :'D just a lose in 5 mins or faster if we die all (<-- 1 Generator instadeath)

I hope some ppl feel like me and there will be a balancing patch (again?).


Why nerf Behemoth just because he’s strong in one mode? Better to change the mode to be better balanced for that character. Besides, a nerf is the last thing Behemoth mains need right now…


I think he means nerfs exclusive to defend mode


If that’s it, then I don’t know if that can be accomplished because of technical limitations.

But sorry for the misunderstanding, OP :smiley_cat:


This I like. The rest not so much.[quote=“Dominik_Scherzinger, post:1, topic:82534”]
Behemoth is so bad at defense
You can dome him away from the generator where he is forced to fight the hunters. And when he needs to do that, he just is not very good.

What also might change is maybe that the generators have to be attacked with melees like a power relay. Spamming long range attacks would prove too good in this mode if monsters werent generally weak. (speaking from pre 8.0 experience).


i dont think thats the general idea at all. behemoth and kraken are amazing at defend. its just that in hunt and arena, where behemoth has some trouble (Pc, not as much on console).


All of his abilities are ranges, making them deadly up close. Then his tongue grab can be an instant incap if 3 are on rupture. Not to mention all of his hp.

Defends is by far a loss if there is a behemoth. It’s just not fun to play now, whereas it was bareable before the nerf.


totes! i suggested they remove behemoth’s minions, for one. he doesn’t need them, cuz he too biggified.


No. The minions should be left alone.