Defending Game Mode


So the idea that popped into my was as an alternate to the standard hunting/hunted game mode you have already have. Another mode could be a base defense where you have a monster either the Goliath or Kraken depending on player preference start the round fully evolved after the Hunters have had say a 3-5 min prep period where they are fortifying their base of operations (BOP) from attack by said monster they don’t know what monster the opposing player will go with so they have to either gamble on what defenses to go all in with or prepare a mixed bag that will only partially help during the assault by either monster.

Thoughts? Am I crazy is the stock 4 v 1 setup all that is needed at launch or would ppl enjoy this.


It might be fun, but I feel that a compelling part of the gameplay is the battle of wits involved in tracking down and cornering the monster. A defense mode cuts that out of the match, and presumably would mean a huge chunk of the map (including all the wildlife) wouldn’t come into play at all.


Good point something the monster could do is herd wildlife to attack the base in one spot forcing the Hunters to focus there if they aren’t smart and slip in through the undefended point or even have exterior areas that the Hunters have to decide whether to defend or leave to the wolves. Another idea for herding wildlife that just popped into my head was that the monster could herd a particular animal like one of the Elite wildlife near to the base to try to lure out foolish hunters to get the kill perks before pouncing on the unsuspecting Hunter or were the Hunters prepared for just that and turn the monster’s trap on them by focus firing on the monster while either Griffin tethers them or Maggie pops her mobile dome ability trapping the monster close to the base.

I know there is a lot thrown out there but my mind’s going a mile a minute right now takes long needed breath of air Whew that was a lot


It sounds cool, but you’ve just described the end of Hunt mode :stuck_out_tongue:


I suggested something like this on an other thread !..
It would be cool !


True but this way if that ends up being a lot of ppl’s favorite part of Hunt mode this could be a cool post release mode for them to possibly add