Defend Sentry Guns on Hunt Stage 3 Relay Fight


i dont know how i got this idea but what is if we put some Sentry guns on the Power Relay in Hunt
i think it will make it harder for flee till 3 Monsters or cheesy Relay Rock Wall Behemoths.
and it give Random player more chance to beat a Stage 3 Monster.

The Sentrys would be like on Defend Mode ( 2 of them ) and easy destroyable to make it balanced
and they only will work if the Monster is Stage 3
what do u think ? ^^


Are you suggesting making it harder for the monster on the relay?

What have you done!


That’s kinda making the already imbalanced relay fights more imbalanced. So I surely say no.


Hmm I don’t know if this is the right way to prevent FT3 nor stopping Bob spamming his rock wall at the relay. Like Talha said, this might only make the game harder for the monster.

Nevertheless, my robot side agrees with this idea :bucket_sentrygun:


Wouldn’t the Monster be able to destroy them at Stage 1? Even then I say no because it makes the game even more Hunter-favored.


This is a cool idea, but I think this would assist the “relay camping” that Hunters do. Even if they’re destroyable, the monster would have to get through the defenses of Trapper and Support while eating damage from Assault to down the turrets, with no minions to divert anyone’s attention. Also, if they are destroyable at Stage 1 and 2, then the monster would be encouraged to get rid of them early - and then all the Hunters have to do is wait at the turrets to guarantee a dome on him.

We still don’t know what TRS has implemented for their anti-FT3 system, so this may or may not play into what they have. Like I said, it sounds like a cool feature, but it might not be the best one for the current meta. :slight_smile:


This will just punish certain monsters but not make a difference for others.
Behemoth wouldn’t care at all. A single lava bomb placed well will knock them both out.


I’m hoping TU09 also will have an anti relay camp system. I hate that. The mode is called Hunt for a reason.


What does Relay Camp mean ? ( i know i feel stupid lol )

does it mean if the hunters camp the relay at the begin of the match and didnt hunt the Monster ? or just if they camp it if the Monster goes Stage 3 ?


@SnakeSound222 I can’t find the exact post right now (it was a while back) but I’m pretty sure I saw one of the devs say that relay camping won’t be rewarded anymore on top of eliminating FT3.

Edit: I found it!


@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX No worries! Yeah, it’s pretty much camping the relay from the beginning or middle of the match. I’ve heard of cases where the moment they drop from the ship, they sit at the relay and get a defense set up. In some cases it’s understandable (landing multiple domes but the monster refuses to fight), but giving up very early or not even trying to hunt the monster are the worst cases.


It’s a cool idea . It will not work in this meta

Something has to be change to make it work


9.0 Behemoth won’t be a problem with 3 slabs at all stages.


Ooh ooh! How about the hunters can get in turrets planted around the relay and shoot the monster! /kappakindasorta