Defend: Replace Turrets with colonist or just increase health of Generators?


As many have pointed out, Defend is in an unbalance state.
In the last patch I has roughly only won one third of my games in the mode playing with a bunch of randos, meanwhile virtually losing every match when playing against partied teams as the monster.

After Patch 8.0 went live I have yet to lose any Defend matches thus far as the monster, the only three times I have lost since the patch went live was 1,2 because the hunters were made of my partied friends, 3 because I was a Gorgon and got Hyde stuck (pounce bug) on me so he proceeded tomelt mah belly as I couldn’t get him off me.

I like that the Turrets are more manageable but I don’t think they needed their damage taken down as much as they did.

###Is the generator’s health lower?

I also noticed that the Generators seem to down down faster than normal. It could possibly be a bug but I’m not sure.
Which is why I’m proposing for the health of them to be increased by a significant but, so that the hunters have far better option of Defending the generators.

###Destroying the generator is too easy.

I suggest replacing the generators with Colonist or Ebonstar ally, having something that can move around more should be a better for both teams because it would mean that the monsters have to work for it. But the damage they deal would still be significantly low that they won’t shred though the monster’s health.

  • GIVE US ALLIES!!! Turrets are useless, even if they do double damage.
  • MORE GENERATORS HEALTH, Keep the turrets the same but just give the Generators more health.

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Either that or increase damage four times fold, that will show em!


Have you seen how much damage the Rescue colonists do?

Almost nothing.

Sol Guard soldiers maybe, but if they die they can’t drop back in.

Ech. I don’t know.


To balance Defend Mode, Generator and Power Source health needs to be increased by at least 50%, turret health needs to be doubled or even tripled, turret damage needs to be tripled, and Hunter respawn time reduced by a minimum of 33%.


Sure, let us hand you the win on a silver platter while we’re at it.

No, these proposed changes make the gamemode effectively broken.

How about for Defend we:

A) Make multiple entrances to the next area, this stops Hunters from completely camping one entrance and winning.

B) Increase turret health minimally and increase the quantity of turrets.

C) Increase minion damage.

This stops Hunters from camping the entrance and effectively winning by destroying the Monster, it also makes turrets more effective while also making minions stronger. The whole point is that Hunters need to pay more attention to minions while also attacking the Monster. The turret health, and quantity are increased to provide extra damage while taking longer to eradicate.


Turrets will never be effective, they don’t move, and the monsters are balanced around hunters being able to dodge attacks,

Even with 10x health the turrets would not be effective, as only wraith needs to get into their range to destroy them. Add that the hunters can’t do anything to save them, not shields, no healing, nothing, and they are just a minor annoyance.

If the turrets were replaced by a single Ebonstar soldier, who can dodge, be protected, and move to engage the monster, then the mode would be much less of a cake walk.


i love the idea of getting colonists. 2 for the first generator, +3 for the second, and another +3 for the last. but keep the turrets, too.

is that possible in the game, to have that many little jiggles running around at once?


yes, yes it is. Play Rescue and pick Ebonstar or Colonist as allies.


i want all of the colonists, sony_view.

i want them all.

to be included. in this party.


Please just call me Sony, like Sonny or Sunny. :smiley:

If defend swamped the turrets with colonist and Ebonstar allies then there would be like five of them on the last relay.

In Rescue we can get about 7 colonist running around at once, the survivors don’t do much damage on rescue because their main objective is to flee not fight.

Also can a leader edit post with polls? if so please put this in the main post:

  After an area is clear the colonist (provided they aren't dead yet, will stay in their area and go to their "*rescue pad*".