Defend Question


Why doesn’t the game immediately end when the monster dies like in all other game types? There’s nothing worse than taking a loss in what was a close game because the Goliath you were facing hasn’t finished spinning while the minions you left to finish the monster are hammering away at the last generator.


That happens?


Yes. The hunters don’t get a win until the monster is done it’s death animation. In a close game of defend this’ll cost the hunters the game


huh, I usually take in those bitter sweet moments of watching it die at my feet
@MaddCow is this a bug or intended?


Dunno, but it reminds me of those moments when the bad guy with his/her/it’s dying breath flips a switch or doomsday device to get the good guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol so thats why Goliath looks like hes frantically looking around for his doomsday button/switch before he dies…



Basically, if the final objective is destroyed, the Monster wins. Yes, you may have killed the Alpha, but the Alpha managed to kill ALL of the colonists in his death. There is no such thing as a Draw in Defend mode.


I think what he is saying is that the minions destroyed the final generator during the death animation of the monster. So this caused an override in what should have been a hunter victory to become a monster victory. Not so much the Evac kill count.

Assuming that the hunters technically should have won considering they killed the monster first


I understand that. Yes the dying animations are a little long in defend… I was just trying to give an in game justification of it :wink: It was more of a design call for the mode. Additionally, in Defend mode, even if the Monster and the final Generator are killed at the exact same moment, the Monster wins because the final Generator was destroyed.


ahh okay so that answers my earlier question as to if that was a bug or as intended


Sounds fair in the end. It might be annoying, but it was a close game.


Honestly, if it’s that close, the Monster probably deserves the win anyway (as stated previously you are defending, and there is more than one monster). Think about it this way: hunters can drop in if the timer counts down, even if the last alive hunter at the time is being sneak pounced (ie guaranteed to die). The goal of defend is to defend, if the minions destroy the ship then you haven’t succeeded. The only reason you can even win as hunters by killing the monster is so that the monster can’t just endlessly tank turrets and hunter damage while focusing the generators (with no fear of being killed).


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