Defend: One way or Another


When the game first launched everyone complained about how Defend was unbalanced and monsters always won, which was true at the time. The problem is that now a new strategy has emerged that makes monster gameplay impossible.

Instead of defending the generator, the hunters immediately seek the monster out when it has no armor and deal as much damage as they can before death. Killing them all does nothing and they have a faster respawn timer, so this continues until the monster is dead.

Don’t know what to do about this, maybe start the monster out with full armor or if all hunters are dead make the ship take longer?


Indeed. I have long since thought that the best way to play defend is to chase his ass down and it’s being proven lol.

I personally think a possible solution would be to have something nasty out there to stop the hunter invade. Maybe some minions who are just roaming around?


It’s really hard to balance modes influenced by an autobalance system able to increase one team’s damage by ~30-40% while decreasing the other one’s by the same amount.


I run like hell and stall the game to take the loss now. no point in trying and getting a monster death for the leaderboards. I despise defend as im always 3-1 or 4-0 heading into it. Ill just run in circles for 8 minutes and take my 5k xp with a smile.


Instead of chasing the monster take out the armor then dome (a classic trick that is OP) Dealing a crap ton of damage and making the monster wary.


Errrr what?

Its possible to get at least some armor before the Hunters could possibly shoot the Monster, and killing the Hunter team at Stage 3 is rollface easy if they leave the turrets.

Killing them frees the Monster to quickly destroy the first generator with its minions.

Not to mention what the Minions will do to the Generator if ignored by the Hunters.


Nothing OP about it.

Monsters would be nigh unbeatable if they could refresh armor with impunity.


Lets see…



That is how you win a game of Evolve one way or the other. YUP! :smile:


Monsters may start to think about retreating before armor is actually fully gone.

You act as if this inhibits strategies, when there would be pretty much zero counterplay to retreating when armor was fully depleted, given the existence of the Minions blocking pure hunt strategies.