Defend needs to get rebalanced ASAP


As it is right now, Defend is just a huge waste of time for both hunters and monsters. The gamemode is so unbalanced that you can’t possibly lose as a monster. With the recent nerf to turrets there is just no way you can ever win as a hunter. All you have to do as a monster is pick either Kraken or Behemoth and distract the hunters as much as you can, this way the minions will easily kill the generator by themselves. In the mean time, the monster will either outright kill the hunters or damage them enough so that they can’t kill the minions that are destroying the generator. If the hunters do damage to kill the minions then they make no progress in killing the monster itself. The time limit is so forgiving for the monster that it shouldn’t even be there.

No one really likes playing Defend in its current state, so please rebalance the gamemode or remove it from Quick Play.


I liked it the way it was before this last patch. Except that AI monsters spawn right on top of the generator (please fix). However, I think it should be removed from quickplay.


Everytime I played monster, I took down the turrets first, so after all the damage decrease shouldnt matter that much and the health decrease saves the Monster just a few seconds.
What you can still do as Hunters is hunt down the Monster, respawn, hunt it down again. And then it is mostly dead. Of course you need a team with some coordination, but it is still very easy to outright kill the monster before all generators are destroyed.


I’m not a huge fan of defend now either. I am far from being a great Monster player but even before the nerf I pretty decent and could win games if I really tried. Now with the nerf to the turrets like that they are a non issue even with the boosts they get in Evacuation. The nerf definitely went a little too far.


Then what the fuck is the point of defend if it’s just a glorified hunt? If the ONLY way to win as hunter is to hunt the monster down then what is the point of calling it defend?

Most hunters play it as defend and can not win like that. If the pro-league is so hunter-op on defend then they need to limit parts of the map so hunters can’t hunt the monster down. In turn, the monster can only be in that zone for x amount of time.

The turrets are now a way for hunters to remove 1/2 of monster armor. Making them useless otherwise.


Unless the Monster is braindead or a new player, I have never seen hunters win on Defend, or its that really rare Wraith/Gorgon who has to waste time mitigating 'cause they are so fragile they lose by timeout.


Disclaimer: i am new to the game and thus my frame of reference is questionable, but i’ve watched gameplay videos of defend and these were what has influenced my thoughts on this. Playing defend (solo and otherwise) basically confirmed what I saw in the videos but I digress.

Defend feels like it needs to get completely redesigned. As of now there’s just one viable strategy and that is “go play hunt with the level 3 monster, die, come back, try again” which is nowhere near the spirit of what defend is.

Defend is basically a horde mode. Imagine if Killing Floor spawned players without any gear at waves 6+. They’d be completely annihilated, which is what’s happening right now in Evolve which is why there’s this “lets go play suicide with it” strategy going around.


Last patch enabled monsters like Goliath, Wraith and Gorgon to not take so much damage detroying turrets, Kraken and Behemoth were always able to destroy them from range, nothing changed for them.


I don’t think I have ever seen any hunter team win by timing out the Monster, it always ends by killing the alpha. I think it would even harder now to win by time out.


I do.


I liked it better before. I won as monster and Hunter.


I think what the game mode needs is mobile defense, soldier ai’s that fight and avoid dying rather than turrets, that just sit there and get annihilated with nothing the hunters can do about it.

Seriously, put an ebonstar at the first and second generator, 2 more at the last one, and suddenly the monster can’t cakewalk the map, the medic and support can buff up the defenses, if the monster wants the defense gone they need to work for it, no long range mortars on stationary targets.

The counterbalance would be making the minions more aggressive, using their abilities and what not when their health gets low.


The main thing that needs rebalanced with Defend is how often I get it in Quick Play rotation. I haven’t calculated, but it seems like 60% of the time I get put into a Defend match, 30% Hunt, and 10% Arena. I dislike Defend and would never play it if it wasn’t in Quick Play, I usually end up quitting and waiting the 60 seconds (much shorter than playing through Defend) to try my luck for Hunt or Arena again.

I miss the days of selecting Arena mode only.


Except against premades there’s no possible way to win as Monster but it is overall a waste of time.


But if hunters can only win by hunting the monster down instead of letting it armor up then the whole concept of the game needs reworking. IF they wanted a defend game where it was all about prevention, then they missed their point.


How about the following: The Generators have much less health BUT when you shoot a minion it stops attacking it. A monster has to attack the Generator like a Power Relay.


Play it like hunt

Doom the monster when he has no armor

FYI Defend is still Hunter favorite …


Hunting the monster in Defend was a viable tactic before the update. If you hunt the monster now, the minions will just walk through one generator after the other and destroy the main one, too. The monster just has to run away and waste time.
And even a smart trapper can only hold the dome for 1 minute, so don’t come with that argument…

Of course you can still win, but you can’t call the gamemode balanced just because you can beat a monster with your experienced premade… It should be balanced for everyone.


Yea, that worked before the update, before the turrets became laughable. I’ve seen the odd game now where Hunters treat the game like hunt, and the first 2 minions can make it to the final relay. Definitely before the update Defend favored the Hunters, slightly. Now I think it almost favors the Monster.