Defend minions


So who decided it was cool to have he minions solo mission defend?


Because it is physically impossible for Monsters to win otherwise.


I can literally sit at the start point as the monster and not move ever. Still win. Turrets need to keep the same health but do more damage to minions.


If you can do nothing as a monster, then the hunters are simply bad. Minions alone just don’t cut it against a half-decent hunter team


i NEVER lose on defend as monster…its so easy


You can have good hunters. Go in kill turrets. Destroy the hunters or Mitigate in dome. Run armor up. Minions are now half way through second generator.


Take out the turrets hit the generator until your armor is gone retreat re-armor repeat


In solo against bots? I can totally believe this.

Against hunters of any competent capacity? You’ll never get past the first generator doing this


have you actually tried this? Because I have AMD I had very different results.

The minions made it to the final generator but lost due to time.


I’ve had very similar results, defend is a joke and that’s why people skip it or if you are like me just leave if a defend map starts up.


The fact that the minions made it past the first few generator is ridiculous IMO. Idc if the turrets are as easy to destroy as they are now. But minions should not be able to get through a generator without monster help. And this is coming from someone who enjoys playing monster.


Hopefully with the dropship timer being changed, the hunters will be able to Respawn in time for the second generator.

What pisses me off about defend is that monsters have an easy time winning. All the monster has to do is destroy the turrets and not take any health damage. This way at the final generator the monster will win if he distracts the hunters while the minions hit the generator. Since nothing is killing the minions, there is no way monster can lose.


They have always made it to the third generator on there own since launch.


At that point I just let them shoot me as I stand there. I still win.


Honestly, the turrets suck now lol. Always a monster will win in defend


Defend is very monster favored. It is my least favorite mode since it is very much unbalanced.
I think a way they could make turrets more…viable? Is to make them have a shield where monsters can’t just camp and shoot them at a far distance. They should have to come into a certain proximity of the turrets in oder for it to do damage. Also a health buff would be nice.

Edit: Or since monsters love to deal damage then leave how about turrets respawn after 1 minute?


Minions should simply be removed from defend.

It is so monster favored, even against good hunters. You already have to face a stage 3 monster.

Remove the minions AND the turrets : problem solved.


I believe that it is difficult to judge how Defend plays balance wise, because usually you are playing Quick Play with a bunch of randoms that have no communication.

I’m definitely not going to say Defend is balanced, or favored to any kind of factor, I just do not like how it plays in the instance of terrible randoms or a new monster that doesnt even know what he is suppose to do. Leave it to Evacuation.


I literally only grind masteries on characters i dont usually use on defend anymore.
Why try? Monster will win.
Its so easy for them, they play with the hunters like a cat does a mouse after its caught it.
I also enjoy my defend matches by just strolling through the map an looking at the world. Its nice out there, when was the last time you just took a stroll through Shear? Lolz


I think it’d be cool if the Support could, fairly slowly, repair turrets and generators. Would add more strategy, knowing if you didn’t get a turret down, the support could repair it. So maybe you go for support first, get a turret or two down and do some generator damage, then sacrifice a little health to kill Support knowing that generator damage will still be there when you come back. Wouldn’t work on the last generator, but it would on those turrets. Would add more depth. :slight_smile: