Defend Maps?


Now that Defend is in skirmish, and we already have our first gamemode specific map (Broken Hill muder Pits) it would be cool if we got a new defend map next. Its my favorite gamemode and I never got to play it enough, but now that its in skirmish it would be nice to get some additions to it. I feel like we have enough hunt and arena maps at this point, so it would be cool to see something really new for a change.

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No new maps in progress right now. The hunters, monster, adaptations/variants and bug fixes/patches are taking all their time up.


Aaaand drop the mic.

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Im not saying they need to start working on it right now or anything, just saying it would be a cool thing to have in the future.


I’m sure they will. Do agree with that

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Well according to @GrizzleMarine the MG was made in 4 days, not sure how true that is but if it is then it can’t take much time. I’m pretty sure most focus is on the 5th Monster for its supposed release/reveal next month.


Seems too quick. Maybe a couple weeks of planning, a couple weeks for skin/models while testing the number changes. I could see it being a month. But not 4days.


Level designers and Environment/Lighting artists have nothing to do with any of that. Just pointing that out.

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Change time to resources then? Lol


Please, no, the only game mode that should have any more work put into it is Hunt, Defend should definitely never have more work put into it, it’s maps are exclusive to it while any Hunt map can be used for any of the other game modes as well, and a majority of the player base don’t even want Defend in skirmish.


Majority? Definitely not. Im gonna go set up a poll for this.


I play skirmish exclusively now (because Hunt 2.0 takes forever), and all I’ve ever heard when Defend comes up are complaints and votes to skip


Its the opposite for me, everyone skips hunt.


Here, I made a poll.


Still doesn’t make any sense to me. I doubt they would hire these people to sit around and twiddle their thumbs.

After you have released a map, you don’t just immediately make another. You need to spend some time learning what worked well and what didn’t. It’s a large process and I’m not gonna go through the entire thing.

But in any case, just because MacMan stated three weeks ago that no specific map were in the works at the time, doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on one this very moment.

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I recall them saying that in the stream but either way is far faster.


I personally really like defend because it is a real challenge on both sides.

Kinda why I like Nest so much…

I feel like i’m all alone on liking nest… does anybody else like it?

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I don’t mind nest. Feels too easy for hunters though

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I love nest! :smiley:

I feel it’s too Monster favored though. :no_mouth:


I don’t mind removing Arena and Defend from Skirmish. It has a reason that Evac and Arena were empty before we were forced to play it in Skirmish