Defend Map Ideas

Im getting kinda bored and I havent seen a thread like this before, so lets come up with some ideas for Defend maps, since we could be getting more at some point in time.

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Make a map based on the flagship!



I finally came up with one. The map would take place in a ship graveyard, where a bunch of stranded survivors are leaving on the last working ship. The only way to get to the final generator is through the destroyed ships, where there are still two functioning generators keeping the giant doors closed. There would be plenty of verticality, where the monster would be able to attack from above through holes in the ship from higher levels. There would be plenty of areas on the side where you can exit the destroyed ships where wildlife will be waiting. The map goes in a generally straight line towards the final generator, which is surrounded by ship debris to be used as cover and as platforms to stand on.


How about a disturbing Defend map where Slim shamefully started laying insect eggs and now has to defend his eggs against the Monsters for a change with help from the other Hunters.

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See Cara Jorgensen


Ice been honestly waiting for a new defend map, like that’s the under lining idea of the game isn’t it? Getting those damn colonists off the colony? So i would love a new defend map once they get around to it. they ,ade those 2 broken hill maps so if they made more maps like 2 maps, one a regular map and one a defend map


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One without wildlife buffs right at the entrance to each area.