Defend just not fun for monsters?


Am I the only one who feels that Defend is very one sided? Discuss tips for monster players to win?


Your Minions are your main source of damage. Your job is to destroy turrets as soon as you can and disrupt the Hunters. Don’t go for kills as strikes don’t mean much. It’s all about getting them to focus you and away from the minions. If they focus you, move away so your minions have more time on the Generator. Goliath and Kraken are both Viable, but Wraith is garbage against decent teams.


Defend is super fun as the kraken! Go to the high spots and rain lighting death upon them


Pretty much what @MaddCow said. Destroy the turrets, distract the hunters without taking too much health damage and let your minions do the hard work on the generators.

The hunters often forget about the minions while the monster is near, so if the turrets don’t kill them chances are that they will stay alive happily mashing that generators.


I pretty much only play Evacuation and have a lot of experience with Defend as a hunter. I can say that recently I’ve seen pretty much nothing other than Krakens in Defend and they just sit at range and shoot vortex and lighting at the turrets and the generators, as soon as their shield is gone, they run to build it back up and rinse/repeat. However, with a good trapper can drop a dome accordingly so the monsters ranged abilities will be null unless he comes into the dome. Every time they do, they just get wrecked and run away once again or they just wait out the dome and start at a distance again. If they do that it gives the hunters team time to deal with the minions without the monster and never let them damage the generators. It’s pretty much a win for hunters if they’re smart about it and have a good trapper to prevent the monster from range killing and letting their minions do everything.


Like everyone said, you’re minion escort duty and a turret killing machine. Kraken is for sure the easiest for this. Just LS then vortex and run, if the hunters aren’t giving you much attention you can throw LS and vortexes all day with some banshees in the mix. Your skills should be 3/3/3 with nothing in aftershock because it’s really just an afterthought.

If goliath, feed up, use your armor for turret killing, do the job, get more armor, escort the minions. Rock throw 3 and Fire breath 3 for sure, the other points are preference.

If you’re wraith. Have fun. Supernova doesn’t appear to buff damage against the objectives and your armor is so low, any assault usually ends up in a health hit. Out of all your skills, only warp blast and decoy does real damage to the turrets. If you abduct, the hunter will laugh in your face as their dropship will be along soon.

I think I’ve only ever lost one match on defend as monster and it was against a co-ordinated team of 40s.


None of the modes outside of Hunt are really fun for the monster.


Things I’ve seen monsters fail at so many times are finishing off hunters and believing their own hype.

If you incap a hunter, move on. The longer they are on the ground means less time respawning on the drop ship.

Just because you’re level three doesn’t mean anything. I’ve taken down so many monsters who refuse to retreat to get more armor. Hit and run. If you’re lucky, the hunters follow and your minions carry on their work.

It’s not a cake walk, it’s just a different kind of strategy.


We never chase the monster… do hunters actually do this? lol


I’ve seen some. It all depends on the monster’s level of harassment and what the hunters think they can do.


Our group does. The only real way to win against good monsters is to down them. You will almost never win by timing out. So yes we pursue the hell out of them. But because this is a Pro Monster defend thread I will not reveal some more Hunter tips to kill it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never lost a defend and we never chase it lol. I do find it interesting tho that you do and win. :smile:


Different levels of play I think. Good monsters won’t lose due to timeout in the vast majority of games. Hit them hard or go home :stuck_out_tongue: