Defend is to hard om the monster side


defend is to hard on the monster side. i can win every other game mode but defend it favors the hunters side to much


A lot of the outcome depends on the previous match, sincerely. Buffed turrets VS Buffed minions gives a serious edge to whichever team.

Try using Kraken and destroying the turrets from a distance with Lightning Strike and Vortex. Kraken is hands down the best monster for Defend due to his Ranged abilities.


Really? In, like, 90% of the Defend matches I’ve seen- on the Official Streams, Beta, etc,- the Monster wiped the floor with the Hunters.


i play as the wraith i win all 4 game then lose the defend game. and im not a nood as of right now im 31 global as wraith on ps4


i play as the wraith i win all 4 game then lose the defend game. and im not a nood as of right now im 31 global as wraith on ps4


The leaderboards are flawed and bugged to hell. They mean nothing insofar.

Seems like you just don’t have a Defend strat worked out. It takes a while to get it all figured out, and Wraith is difficult to use on Defend. That’s probably why.


I was playing defend solo earlier as the hunters and I just barely managed to win.
Half my team was dead and all three monsters (armored minions are a bitch by the way) were wailing on the final generator thing,it had pretty much no health left when the time ran out. Can’t speak for all the players but the AI monster seems pretty good at it.


Do you play Consol? I have not heard of any thing wrong with the leader boards on ps4.


Here’s a couple of Defend tips.

I mostly play Goliath at the moment, so its gonna be Goliath tips. :stuck_out_tongue:

Turrets. Get rid of them. If you play goliath, take Rock throw and max it out. 1 Rock throw removes a turret completely. Leap in, remove turret, move to next turret, use rock throw, leap out and get armour back. Get back attack hunters, use rock throw on generator, repeat until the generator is down. If you are out of armour as the generator goes down, armour up inside the new area, this will spare you a lot of time.

Just repeat the above and you should be fine. :smile:


They are based purely off if time played, and w/lr, not skill. Thus, a pro with two hours would be at the bottom but a noob with ten at the top. You can dodge a loss by quitting, so anyone can be “undefeated”. Furthermore, a lot of people had theirs reset, so it’s further skewed.

And no, I’m on PC.


Have there been resets on PS4 too? So far I’ve seen the complaint on XB1, but I haven’t bothered to check the boards over here.




Wraith is by far the worst defend monster so that’s probably your problem however I have won it as wraith so its do able just really really hard, if you insist on playing him you’ll have to use slightly different strategies to win, with goliath and kraken long range stuff owns but with wraith I would suggest going after the hunters, use abduct to pull them away from the generators, keep their attention on you and focus on killing the hunters or clearing a path for your minions, if your minions can get to the gens uncontested consistently you will win, this is what I found worked for me but like I said you really have picked the hardest way to go about this and its worth baring in mind if you win 4-0 the last match is gonna suck you as your dealing less damage but receiving more, there aren’t really any ways around this except for throwing matches intentionally or leaving the lobby both of which aren’t very good options Unfortunately


Ah, from your statement it seemed like you’d confirmed that this was an issue on PS4 as well.

OT, I’ve played Defend once and it was as Wraith. It was doable, but it was a chore especially since I was up against against a pretty damn good team. Ultimately I lost, but I didn’t know you could destroy the turrets lol. I’d never played the mode and never watched gameplay of it since it never interested me. Kraken seems like it would have been a lot easier.


There should be a mercy rule of u win 4 in a row on either side U don’t have to play the last game


well have not done any of that. The only thing I play on PC is LoL and hearthstone


If the Krackin is the easiest to play defend and the other 2 are a lot harder they have some balancing issues


Yeah definitely, the main problem now is that range is op in defend, if they balance that out and make it a bit easier on wraith players it should even out okay but right now its a clear and obvious balance issue which I imagine turtlerock will get around to fixing


Kraken is the best monster for defend, wraith is the worst and goliath is a 50 50 so it depends whether or not your a good goliath player. I wonder what behemoth would be like?


Trust me when I say the following: it’s not a balance issue.

The fact of the matter is that certain monsters are going to be better or worse depending on what map and mode you’re playing. Not to mention the exact same thing can be said about the hunters as well. Now, does Kraken have the largest advantage in Defend? Of ccourse! Does this make his (or any) ranged OP? No. Try out some new things, think critically, and never expect the monster player to fight on your teams terms.

P.S. @Trevor_Rice : I know it’s been said but I feel as though the following needs to be echoed once more. You won four rounds, giving the hunter team a boost in offensive AND defensive abilities, and you went Wraith. You were destined to be destroyed on the final day.