Defend in Skirmish


What are people’s opinions on defend being part of the map rotation in Skirmish? Would you rather have Nest? Or rescue for some reason? Or none of the above?

Poll time:

  • Replace Defend with Nest
  • Replace Defend with Rescue
  • Remove Defend from Skirmish entirely
  • Keep it the same as it is now

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I personally think that Nest is more balanced and fun than defend, and has a lot more potential strategy wise. Also its a lot different from hunt, as evidenced by the fact that the old bucket was actually better than every other support in this mode.

Remove Defend from Quick Play

I love nest and it is my favorite mode apart from hunt, but most seem to think it is extremely unbalanced.

Also people tend to not like it ;-;


Bucket is OP in this mode.


Yeah I doubt it will ever be playable outsidw of wvac and customs, but I can dream.


Nest and Rescue are both intensely unbalanced; especially Nest, now that Stage 1 monsters are so much stronger than they were.

I kinda like defend. It’s a nice break of pace.


Could reduce turret damage to eggs so he cant just drop them, break the shell, and literally have the egg dead before he gets to the next one.


Yea, if I play it, whenever a player doesn’t pick bucket, facepalm



Personally, I hate all modes but Hunt. To me, Arena and Defend should be saved for custom games, Skirmish should be exclusively Hunt and Hunt should just be ranked Hunt.

All other modes except Hunt should be in customs or Evac exclusively.


See I think Nest isnt as imbalanced as defend.

In Nest, bucket can easily solo 3 eggs on his own in 2 minutes, but the monster gets a mini goliath to fight with and really cannot track split up hunters reliably without one (really wish minions worked like daisy instead of idiotically running towards hunters).

In defend hunters can chase the monster around the tiny map to stop it from feeding after a fight, and there isnt much the monster can do about it without trading way too much health.

Both are wildly imbalanced, although not as bad as rescue.


Well some of us like to have fun in skirmish shredder and not feel the need to be restricted to only one game mode, outside of customs

Geez, sounds like a hell of a riveting game


Im not a fan of nest, it always feels to me like there is too much to worry about. Plus, you can do some shady tactics and go a full game without having a fight with every hunter together.


Well, Defend and Nest are both Hunter favored out the ass if the Hunters are coordinated or even good.

Rescue is crazy Monster favored.

And Arena just doesn’t make sense in terms of lore, and to me, is just plain boring. It takes the main aspect of the game (the thrill of the Hunt) and throws it out the window. Monsters have to act like a cornered animal and Trappers run around like a waiter on roller skates offering champagne to other Hunters because a perma-dome means their job is about 50% dome.


Ok, gotcha. Lol


I meant to say Rescue :laughing: