Defend Help (Solo Campaign)


I’ve been playing Evacuation in Solo to try and get a feel for how I want to approach it before attempting it in multiplayer. At first, I didn’t like it at all, it was almost impossible for me to win anything other than Hunt. But I just finished a game where I defeated the Hunters all four days leading up to Defend, and still lost Defend.

I’ve tried All three currently available monsters in Defend, and I just can’t survive long enough to destroy the power source. Any tips? My main objective anytime I’ve played has been to distract the Hunters and let the minions focus on the generators, thus reducing the amount of crap they have to deal with in the process.

I also try to use as many ranged/semi-ranged attacks as possible. So Rock Throw/Fire Breath/Leap Smash with Goliath (heavily focused on Rock Throw), basically anything but Aftershock with Kraken, and well there really isn’t anything to be used in that respect with Wraith, basically just relying on speed and quick attacks.

I always seem to fall short before the power source, mostly because while it is easy to retreat and restore shield, there is nothing to help aid in health recovery for the Monster, and it seems that in Defend, Hunters basically auto-respawn.


A good tactic is:

Go with Kraken.Get your armor.Go with your minions and start using lighting strike+ vortrex to turrets.Once your armor falls go back and eat more.Then go again with minions and finish the turrets(if they are not dead yet)
Once turrets are dead you start focusing hunters.Letting minions do their job.When armor goes down go back again,eat,and keep doing the same thing.Loosing 2-3 bars of life is okay since you are stage 3.

Then time refreshes and you go in the next one.Keep killing turrets and stuff until the minions are “free” to damage the source(Remember you should always be in the air with Kraken.)

That’s a valid plan i came across hope it helps