Defend heavily in hunters favor


Am I the only one who has never seen a monster win in defend? It’s just too much in hunters favor. How some may ask. One the drop ship timer is way shorter in defend two hunters coming in from the drop have no strikes and third the AI minions treat the sentries as if they’re nothing and take the hits.


Kill the sentries asap.

Don’t kill the hunters, let them bleed out.

Clear the path for your minions (mines/drones/trap).

Try to get the damage buff in the second zone.

Profit & win.


Easier said than done cause one I do kill the sentries but then the hunters trap me two letting them bleed out will result in a revive three clearing the path makes myself vulnerable and four eating isn’t the easiest thing to do when persistent hunters are trying to kill you.


Excellent advice, thank you.


If they are killing you they aren’t killing the minions.

Just stay alive.

As Goliath one rock throw lvl 3 + one leap attach lvl 3 = dead turret. Just rock throw, leap attack, jump out. Wait for another rock throw, destroy second turret.

Kraken 1 lightning strike + 1 vortex = dead turret.

Don’t play Wraith in defend.

Then play around, incap/clean up traps & stuff. Incap trapper first. The more they res each other instead of using the drop ship, the better it’s for you. Because they waste time rezing each other with incaps = when you truly need it, you can drop anyone easy.

The ultimate bastard move you can do, is destroy a generator as soon as the dropship is coming. That way the are dropping on generator 1, while you and your minions are already on your way to the second one. That’s easily 50% of generator life in that time + the 2 turrets. Usually with that much advance you win.