Defend Fixes?


Would it be better for the minions to spawn and walk faster to the generator?
Do you think the minions should not stop hitting the generator when on low health?
Do you think minions should be resistant to dome?
Any slowing effect should not effect the minions?
Sentries do less or more damage?

Any suggestions


You don’t mind if I change this to suggestions do you?


no worries :slightly_smiling:


Macman said something about making Defend more competitive and I think he also talked about monsters receiving some buffs in that mode ( I’m not sure about that last part)


I always found it annoying that the minions would almost always deal some amount of damage to the generator, meaning that if a generator gets to a certain health point the hunters can’t save it anymore. I can’t think of a balanced fix to that but I hope they do some balancing because Defend is probably my favorite non-hunt mode.


I don’t have an issue with defend. It really comes down to the trapper though. Good trapper that domes the minions ahead of the generators wins the match for the hunters.

As monster, drop the sentrys first and kill the trapper if he domes you. Monsters lose when they focus the hunters away from the generators. (Most of the time)

Pretty straight forward and non-complicated mode IMO. Fun though. At least for me it is.


Problem is that the trapper can actually dome the minions so they can’t touch gen…

When they are low on health, trapper can take it down to let it recharge…

Unlimited trapped minions


If you have abe, monster already lost if abe knows what he is doing.


Crow, Cabot, Lennox, Val is the best setup for defend. Lennox can hit both of the minions at the same time allowing 4x hits. Crow does health damage all the time. Cabot amps everything. Val is Val.


the reason I don’t like using Crow currently is because you can’t unzoom or zoom while its charged…


That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the accuracy.


I know, it just feels funny


Yeah, it is strange.


No, but it would be better if they had more armor on them. That way wildlife won’t takedown half their health down on the way to the relay.

I like where it is right now.

Do you mean that they shouldn’t get domed? if so then no. It takes away a strategy that can be used for both sides though it could benifit the monster that the minions are always on the generators.

They should still effect the minions, but soft CC are proving to be too strong for the minions. Abe, Crow and Val are superior in the mode because of this. They slow them down too hard, they minions can’t go anywhere when slowed.

They’re already nerfing them in the next patch.

I had a few but you already asked about them so I’ll take so time to think of new ones.

  • Reduce the time the dome is up
  • Take out 10-15 seconds of it, to make so that “a good trapper” won’t mean a death sentence for the monster. But it will still provide enough time for the hunters to sink some health off the monster.
  • More buff variety
  • Let the minion use traversals when they’re CCd.
  • as suggested by @MaddCow
  • Let the generator play rave music when there are no hunters around.
  • This way the monster and minion can have a twerk off while they wait for the hunters to come back.
  • Add more LOS blockers,
  • with the current map layouts its too easy for the hunters to simply follow a monster and stop them from armoring up.


Add traversals when they are soft ccd :stuck_out_tongue:


facepalm again


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