Defend bug with AI monster


In every defend game I have played since coming back where there is a bot in the monster slot, they get a huge advantage. The hunters spawn with the monster taking out the second turret and having already taken out the first with a little damage on the generator. Since a large part of defend is dealing the bulk of your damage when the monster focuses turrets this is a huge determent to the hunters. It has happened every single defend where the monster is an AI. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in some sort of hot fix though I do not know if the team performs outside of major updates since this game is getting on in years. Keep up the good work!

Defend- Bug | Monster spawning at the Power- Relay

This isn’t a bug. If there is a bot in Defend, it spawns near the generator every match. Not sure why, but it was intentional.


Intentional? That seems unlikely given the massive advantage it gives the monster. It really should be looked at in some capacity


It’s actually been that way for a long time. The AI monster used to take forever to get to the generator, so they moved the spawn closer.


I hope it’s not intentional, with the minutes added for them to destroy each relay, seconds added before hunters respawn, monster starting with full armor, the traversal time and ability time down for AI monsters dramatically I would think they wouldn’t need another edge…


I would be fine with it spawning closer but it is spawning before we spawn which isn’t fair. The monster has usually already taken one turret and is focusing on another. Apologies if this has been a thing for a while now, I’m just coming back after not playing for around 6-8 months lol


Most people don’t seem to mind the change. I have really only seen people that took a long hiatus and suddenly came back complain about it. Guess it would have helped if you’d known to expect it, though.


For sure, not that big of a deal since I mostly play with people as the monster, just occurs when I’m quickplaying and the monster leaves before a match. Wasn’t complaining as much as it was making sure they knew something (I thought) was a bug. Thanks for clearing it up though :slight_smile: now to just get my top spot back again!


No problem. Glad to help. Want the thread closed now that the question is answered?


Yes please


Ok. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars because you guys are always on.


Closed as requested by op. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds really iffy… I don’t remember anyone saying these things were intended. Just to be sure, tagging @Insane_521 - Is it intentional? We can re-open the thread if need be, it’s just I’ve never heard of this. :stuck_out_tongue:
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