Defend- Bug | Monster spawning at the Power- Relay


There’s a bug in Defend, where the Monster starts at the power- relay. It’s in Evolve since a long time and it’s still not fixed. Please fix it.

@ArPharazon @MrStrategio are you planning to fix it?


This has been noted before but I don’t think it’s a major issue. It only happens in solo play as far as I know and I like to think it gives the AI a much needed advantage.


Nah. I played with a friend yesterday and this bug appeared.


Was the monster an AI or player controlled? I’ve never had a player controlled monster start on the generators but if you and your friend were both hunters the AI monster could still bug like it did.


The Monster were an AI.


According to this it’s intentionally. @Insane_521 never gave us an answer at the end, though.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

It won’t be an issue in TU09 :slight_smile: Sorry for not getting around to responding sooner!