Defeat is bitter



This isn’t a vent thread, but a ‘I need to know if I really want to continue playing this game for the sake of my own happiness’ thread.

I don’t even know where I want to begin. I started this game on Day 1. I really loved it and I loved playing the Monster; I bought the game with the express purpose of playing Monster and getting decently good at it. Recommended it to all my friends. I’d practice Monster, especially Goliath and Behemoth, for hours. Time went on, I dropped xbox, moved to pc, got a little bored and took a break. Came back, playing a lot and felt pretty strong until today.

Yesterday I took a break from Monster. I had a very bad day beforehand and i thought it would just be better if i didn’t deal with the stress of it. And saying that made me think, ‘Man, that’s not something you want to say about a game.’ I’ve always thought that at my very best I was a decent Goliath, and an ok Behemoth. When I got back into stage 2 it was a little awkward at first but I managed to adapt and slipped right into the new meta, easy as pie. Today I got right back into it. Took what felt like a decent game. still felt ‘natural,’ as someone would put it. #feelsgoodman.

And then I got on tonight. Got into a game, immediately get setup against a premade. Back out, I’m not ready to head straight into that. Get matched with them again, I ask if they’re premade, they say no, but I don’t believe it.

Go in, Goliath, decent first dome. Then I get a really shitty second dome. I get out of there best I can, and i was starving for traversals. i couldn’t even catch a strider. so close to stage 2, and these striders were just dancing out of my hands, because i was so starved of being able to move. they dome me again at the beach, where there are very tall pillars for them to kite around. A tinkerbell Jack makes it literally impossible to kill anyone, including himself, no matter how hard i commit, no matter how many abilities i land, or traversal-heavies i whack him with. and do you know what they say after i finally give up and let them kill me?

What’s even better is that after such a humiliating, disheartening loss, I went on to have two more humiliating, disheartening losses where I wound up being, in the words of a good friend, ‘a trapped rat…I feel like my main goal is to give the hunters something better to fight than the AI…’. It doesn’t matter how much i practice against bots, doesn’t matter how many perk routes i take. my jukes are all i have, but against a competent team they only delay the inevitable.

its easy to say ‘get good, study the pros, practice.’ i do all of those things. i abandoned Kraken, Kelder, Wraith and Gorgon so i could just play the two monsters i liked most. and for the most part i thought i had gotten pretty good with them. I’ve even won a few times at Stage 1 with Goliath.

i don’t see balance in a game where i can be untouched until stage 2, lose almost half of my health getting two strikes, get to stage 3. About 60% of my health at Stage 3. And still lose. no matter how hard i focused quantum caira, no matter how many times i cornered her, it was never enough. i focused on her during the whole fight. i died getting her down. i did it, but i died. at stage 3.

grounder felt like it never helped in any of the fights. i run the same perk setup on goliath. hunger-DR-grounder.

sure. maybe i’m just straight up bad; i can accept that. maybe i’m a sore loser. i can accept that, too. honestly, i’ve got no footage of my plays, so i’m sure that will prevent some of you from giving any advice whatsoever. i dont see this thread getting a lot of love, but i need to put it out there because i’m really not sure if i want to continue playing monster if all i get is a repeated feeling of learned helplessness.

talk to me community.

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Here’s why I think you are losing. You have a better ratio in wins than losses for both Bob and Goli. Therefore due to MM you will lose because you aren’t ready for the big leagues. The smaller people in MM are what made you get crushed.

You lose, you lower to people near your skill level, you win more and more you get straight up there to where people destroy you at the skill level the system thinks you are at.

So ever though you are losing a lot that’s not even slightly enough to counteract the wins you have making you still lose to enemies.

That’s what I think it is at least


which is part of the balance. i can understand that. but goin from ‘playing pretty decently’ to ‘total, utter, crushing defeat…’ seems like i’ve crossed the gap that’s in between in one match.

it’s not even about the wlr ratio. it’s about helplessness. i’ve never felt more helpless in this game. that doesn’t feel like balance to me. maybe it does to some. i’ve had close games where i lost. that’s fine. that’s where i think matchmaking balance would be, but it’s not.

i know others still will come here with a lack of care, saying ‘another monster main moaning and groaning.’

I want to say something that I simply can’t say because the bias is there.


Don’t fight the hunters of their terms, fight them on your terms.

If they have a terrain advantage, go to the other side of the dome where they don’t. They will follow you don’t worry, even the medic because that healing beam has a finite range.

Don’t chase the kill. Even if you lose the first dome, just run away, evolve and try again.


I appreciate your offered advice, but I assure you.

I’ve already considered it. Done it. There are domes where there is literally nothing you can do, no term that is ‘yours’ lest you allow the Hunters free damage. The dome is theirs’, the choice of where the center is, theirs’. Who throws it? Also theirs.’ They can fan out, ensure no juke is good enough to evade.


My personal opinion - Take a break.

Honestly, if the game is stressing you out or you feel you can’t handle that kind of loss anymore, take a break. Maybe a week, maybe a month, doesn’t matter. It’s better that you stop playing for a bit then end up dreading playing the game because it gets you down.

When I went through these periods, when I’d go on a suck-ass losing streak, it would feel like shit, especially because I know I’m a pretty good player (ofc not great, but certainly above average and I need to stroke my ego). I mean, I don’t play Monster, but as a Trapper main for a year+, I should always be capable at minimum, even against good Monsters. Before my ISP put a hard cap on my data, I’d actually just found a semi-regular team and we’d started actually working together, maybe for a month or two. Near the end, we were dragging our feet pretty hard, losing a lot of face being ground into the dirt over and over. I took a week-long hiatus and found that the same kind of loss didn’t sting as much, didn’t really stress me out as badly as it had before.

Taking that break really helped my mood and reaction to playing and even losing, so it’s what I recommend doing. Even if you like the game, continuing to lose with the same level of anxiety, even intermittently, will slowly worsen your reaction to the game and how you view it. As such, nip it in the bud. Take your hands off the keyboard for a minute, sit back and take a deep breath, and tell yourself it’s just a game.


Premades are… just another level. It made me feel helpless for a while too, but after getting crushed by them for numbers of time, I became more careful, think even more, and getting better.

Trust me when I say I know how you feel, because I’ve been there and still kinda am there too. The best we can do is just… I don’t know. I rly don’t want to say this but we need to try even harder. To me that’s the final goal; overcoming decent premade team.

I can’t believe those bastards humiliated you though. That’s very disrespectful :worried: Don’t take that seriously, cause they weren’t speaking; they were barking.


I find that if I win enough games (like 2 or 3 straight) I get matched with a Stomper Monster that looks like he has God-Mode on.

Lose a few more and the game “goes back to normal”.

I experienced the same thing though on COD… It’s really what @Bike said. Some players/teams are just “on another level”.


The reason you feel stress is because at the end of the day the game is a competetive game. Even when you have fun you run your battery dry at some point thats just the inevitability of it.

Don’t let your spirit get crushed though. As a Hunter only player the game can be very disheartening at times but at the end of the day I still love the adrenaline and stress of the whole thing.


Check this game, I almost lost but all you can do is focus and try harder. The first dome was horrible on my part, 3rd dome I think I overextended my welcome but it didn’t turn out to be the worst.

Basically what I’m saying is this. Never give up. Know who, where and what is going on. Where is a good place to fight and which one is horrible. Who are you fighting and whom you should focus on. And be aware of your surrounding, sniff unless you’re hiding or setting up and ambush.
Know that there are situations that annoy the fuck out of me (me, specifically me, not sure about You).
4:27 harpoon I CLEARLY SWIPE at 4:32 but nothing fucking happens…
This game is full of nonsense like this.
5:10 I jump and I’m pushed to the side of a wall… there are many, many issues that are just irritating to the max in the heat of the battle.
And then there is 9:55 bullshit…

Some other advice, listen to audio cues:
4:09 - Sunny says her drone is out, I know it was there but I was hoping that I would put her down before it would activate…
7:27 - I hear Torvalds mortars, and watch where are they landing.

There is a lot more to this game than people think, It’s just that it’s not fleshed out and/or is buried under this adrenaline pumping moments. Either way, maybe you were actually matched against a better team? Maybe you had a LAG, It’s a big problem especially for Goliath.

One last piece of advice. Record your gameplay. Watch and analyze it. Especially losses… AND LEARN FROM THEM!


There once was a hunter named me. I was trying out Emet. I specifically chose him because he unlocks a command perk. So I take him for a spin.

I now have the smallest win percentage with him because starting out, I lost 30 times. In a row.

Took a break for several days and I feel much better now. I even play better with him. I can hide my beacon, I spread my buoys and l have learned to fly.

Sometimes you just get burned out. The most important factor with dome fights is the terrain. Choose traversal and feeding perks to evolve faster and when you do, bring the fight to them ! Don’t wait for them to dome you ! Hunters always expect themselves to be the ones to begin the fight, not the other way around.


Sunny going Tinkerbell with a Q-Caira is the stupidest thing ever. She deserved to die. And I’m glad the stalagnite roaching didn’t pay off for them. Good job! :wink:


I’m right there with you OP. Losses can be frustrating by themselves, but they really take it out of me when it’s a really intense match, hunters win by the skin of their teeth and then in the post game someone is toxic towards you. Those are definitely the games that make me take a break.

Also, I won’t pretend I’m a good monster by any stretch, but personally I have better luck with Hunger - Flyswatter - Deadly Brawler on Goliath. Worth a shot! :stuck_out_tongue: (I think the use I get from flyswatter has a lot to due with some players not knowing you can dodge straight up)


Same happens to me all the time I main monster but if I get too many losses I swap to assault or medic and it’s a good change.
Makes it a bit more fun as hunters once you play monster and know they will spam medic while ignoring Hyde melting thier ass off plus the intro dialogs can be a laugh I managed to take hyde/ciara dialogue well into a match through chat and it was one of the best matches I’ve played


I get this all the time. There are about 10 great matches where you can win 60% of the time. The the game ups you a skill level and you are crushed in boring one sided matches for about 10 games. Then it puts you down a skill and the get great games again… repeat!

The skill steps are just too steep! If there was an extra step in the middle, the games would be a lot closer!


topic starter, how much did you play as a hunter? Try it. Then you will know in what situation are hunters


I usually get matches where I usually just absolutely curbstomp the Hunters, and if I’m lucky I get one game against some good Hunters where I have to work for my win or actually get outplayed.


That’s why we play this game, right? for these challenging games. You either win easily or lose quickly. There is no balance. No really interesting matches when the victory can get any “team”. There is need realia thoughtful matchmaking


Then you misunderstood what I said. I wasn’t saying that Evolve is unbalanced, I’m saying that I don’t get good teams very often. When I do get a good Hunter team, then it’s a 50/50 match. Either I manage to crack their defense and beat them, or they manage to outplay me and I lose. But getting that win requires focus, skill and a little bit of luck.

The matchmaking is a bit wonky, but in my experience the game itself is balanced.


I am experiencing this as a hunter, too. Whenever we lose a game we shouldn’t have lost we get matched up with some monster seriously below our skill level in the next match. After we won about 2 matches against those kind of monsters, we get pushed up again. ^^
I also have the feeling that there are many very good and very bad monsters but not many players inbetween.