Default hot keys are limiting and terrible. Add what you use here followed by poll. (Great for Monster players)


Wanted to make this quick PSA. I hear of monsters having troubles and i wonder if this isn’t the main cause. 1,2,3, and 4 should NOT be where your abilities are at. I have all mine on my mouse. It works wonders.

What do you use? Add it here (doesn’t have to be all on your mouse)
Thanks and happy Evolve :slight_smile:


Not everyone has that many buttons on their mouse :wink:


I have two and i use the mouse wheel for the other two. Pretty sure most have at least the mouse wheel right?


How do you melee then? And smell?


Bro… I i have two buttons on the side i control with my thumb. One is (for reference) rock throw the other leap smash. I roll the wheel up for flame breath and down for charge. Ta Da! The basic attack and smell aren’t changed. Notice how i said “1,2,3, and 4”. Didn’t mention changing the melee and smell.


You didn’t mention you had extra buttons on your mouse. Again, not everyone has those


I also didn’t state that it was the only way to go about it. I simply mentioned that i have them all on my mouse lol.


But your telling other people to not use the default key binding, but you solution isn’t a cheap or easy fix.

I’m just going to change the title because it sounds a little misleading. I, myself have no problem with hotkeying and never needed to use a gaming mouse.


For just my two cents on other key configs since it seems relevant here:

I use EDSF for movement, and have A W R G keys (that surround EDSF) as my four abilities as monster. As Hunter, W/R are primary/secondary weapons, A is equipment and G is class ability. Easy access to all tools without needing to reach awkwardly around for the number keys.


My mouse is 11$. That’s pretty darn cheap if you have a job right? Instead of asking and making assumptions simply put what your hot keys are. All you had to do. (yes i can tell you’re being critical of this topic)

P.S. The new title is long winded but if you feel like exercising your ability to change something that’s fine.


My mouse was $65 because I wanted a wireless one. I do have s job, but some others do not. I also have no need for a gaming mouse since I can hotkey perfectly fine.

Your solution to fixing hotkeying is getting a mouse with extra buttons, and not everyone can do that, just like how not everyone can hotkey.

I use 1-4 perfectly fine, but like I said others do not have the ability to use your solution. Thus I changed the title to better fit this thread and make it more specific.


You’re really not being logical about this topic but please feel free to keep coming back and making yourself sound silly. You continue to put “words in my mouth” to better fit your position. You must like straw.

Anywho, I’m using an e-blue as well as another gaming mouse that came with a keyboard both for 22$. The E-blue was 15$.


Would you mind toning it down a bit? You’re coming over as a bit pretentious, and it might piss people off (like it’s starting to do with me)


You first please?


I find the default key binding option to be somewhat limiting, and constricting as monster since their abilities all work so differently.

I’d pretty much like it if you can assign multiple keys to an action, so far having a gaming mouse can help with monster play.


What is the point of this topic?

You suggesting that people use gaming mice (with extra buttons) instead of the default 1-4 keys for monsters.

I simply said that this is not an easy solution for most people since it requires getting new hardware. Thus I changed the title to fit the discussion more relevantly.

Since your also new to these fourms, there is a rule that you criticize ideas and not people. This is a place to have a mature discussion; not a place to start a fight. If you can’t handle being mature then you shouldn’t be on these forums.


Look. I don’t want this to turn into a fight. Fact is, you make it seem as if everyone is stupid/poor for not owning a mouse with extra buttons, and can’t seem to understand that some people just don’t have the time and/or money to spend on a computer mouse. If that is not your intention, perhaps try to phrase it a bit differently


You said this:

I don’t see @XplosionIncorporated putting any words in your mouth.

I myself have a mouse with 9 extra buttons but pressing some of them changes how I can grasp my mouse, hence they do not work well as very-often-used keybindings or panic buttons.
“What mouse should I choose” is very common question I see new players asking, and like headphones and many other hardwares, it’s based on what suits you (size of your head, hearing, size of your hand, fingers, grasp…).
My point is, it’s not always about money either. Let people choose what they are most comfortable with.


I think everybody just needs to chill tfd and take time to review their comments to not be hostile with one another.


No…it originally said “The default hot keys are weak. Don’t use them!”. Somebody changed it and has now become confusing. I simply wanted to encourge new players to change things up as the default is limiting and terrible. In my opinion.