Deepest's Dark Survival Mode: A Community Gamemode



#Deepest Dark Survival Mode

This is a community made gamemode for the newest map; made by @cybersquidarmy, @Mixelzpixels, @DivineThorn, @companioncube, (maybe @cybersquidarmy I can’t remember lol) and myself. Here’s how you play.

Once the game starts on Deepest Dark you want to run all the way to the first fight with the Queen and damage her until she runs, then you want to fight her at her second fighting location while leading her to the relay; at the relay get the Queen and do not kill her, you can bring her low so Assault has more to do during the final fight where she generally has 1/2 her HP left. Do not destroy any eggs on the way to relay and do not kill any Gorgons. You can pick any character and any perks that you want to have to survive the longest you possibly can. (Restrictions may be made if overpowered combos are found)


  • No destroying any eggs.
  • No killing any Gorgon minions.
  • No killing the Queen.
  • Stay at the relay (center of map)

These rules are subject to change.

The purpose of the gamemode is to see just how long you can survive against the relentless horde of Gorgons and to provide a ridiculous and generally fun experience to enhance what is normally a “One and Done” kind of scenario. It’s highly recommended that you pick a comp that is either strong in burst damage since you can bring the Queen down faster so you can move to the next area before the Gorgons spawn in!

We hope that people try out our little idea and have a blast with it! :slight_smile:


I really like the idea but- Maybe let Assault be the only one who can do damage at times? Otherwise I feel like playing Assault would make you feel kind of useless since everyone else could contribute defence but you.


Points not to deal damage the point is to survive, having burst damage lets you get to the center quicker though and avoid the horde of gorgons :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’ve been playing Assault the entire time we’ve been playing this and I don’t feel bored at all. I feel more like I’m on my own than I think anyone else does. I have my shield and everyone else has themselves. Medic and Support focus on eachother and Trapper while Trapper kinda focuses on the big picture since he has CC.

Assault spends most of the match doing Assault things, attacking the Queen; it’s only in the last two to three minutes really that the challenge actually gets hard and at that point it’s survival of the fittest.

Personally, I have mass amounts of fun with this and I think others will too.


Fair enough. I’ll try it with a premade sometime.



You’ve not really experienced gorgon games until you’re taking an acid shower from seven gorgs simultaneously :smile:


So can we expect to see this on the next TRS stream?? :wink:

Yeah… try like 10+


Tim, Cory and I recorded some footage with A LOT of Gorgon minions… Hopefully Tim uses them for an upcoming video because it was pretty insane. Loved having a horde of them coming out of the last tunnel before the relay area.

Hopefully we can get some kind of survival type of mode in the future :slight_smile: it would be a lot of fun!


You’ve not really experienced gorgon games until you’re taking an acid shower from seven gorgs simultaneously :smile:

Yeah… try like 10+

More like 50+


Of course you have. :slight_smile:


I believe I had to leave the stream right before you came up with this brilliant idea


I don’t have any friends to play this with but I figure the perfect comp would be:

Parnell is the only viable Assault, he’s the only Assault that has a utility that doesn’t do any damage and buffs his MS


So… Almost every hunter is useless?

Except trapper, medics and hank?

Hmmmm. Sounds not so fun.

Can you cheese the ai with kala and slim?


What do you mean?


hop from teleport to teleport while laying down spore grenades, which make the monster switch targets.

  1. Once Gorgons pick up I’m not sure how effective teleporters can be.

  2. I don’t think spores work like that but even if thethey do there’s no way to just straight up avoid damage.


yes they do work like that. as soon as you hit the monster, it switches targets.


I need to try this later :smiley:


Well as I said, there’s no way to just have them not attack you. Even if they change targets then they’re still attacking someone and there’s still others that won’t be in the spores.