Deepest Dark wildlife question


I remember in a video, the announcer said that the wildlife had gone mad or something. Does Daisy go mad as well? Or does she retain her sanity? Shear exported Daisy.


She is already broken in game… so yeah daisy is already gone mad and needed fix…


I mean is she now hostile to the Hunters, like every other Trapjaw?


Nah she is not since Maggie survives and is her pack partner. So not gone crazy


Nah, exposure to the monster atmosphere is what causes the corruption. She spend most of her time in the dropship, which is hermetically sealed for out-of-atmo travel and somehow survived the Hybrid attack.


Define “sanity”.

If you mean whether or not Daisy still constantly lags behind and then rushes right into every acid pool then yes, it’s still the same old Daisy we all know and love.