Deepest Dark speedrun challenge



So to make this somewhat interesting… let´s make a race!
Post your finishing times and let´s see how fast it can be completed :slight_smile:

i think 6 minutes should be a possible goal.


6minutes was my first run that i really tried to enjoy the atmosphere.

I’d say 3min 30sec are possible

Well there is easy way to find out…letz gou!


@SledgePainter @cybersquidarmy @GoGoGoliath

Oh, god no


It is possible to rush to the end of the map and cause all of the Gorgons possible to spawn basically at once. You can be facing 12 Gorgons at a time plus the queen or who knows, maybe more. It will cause in-game issues like sound problems and possibly frame rate loss. It will also be far more difficult. That said though, I loved watching all of those Gorgons! Felt very much like Left 4 Dead!


so… whats your time then`?


We…didn’t look at the time, heh…I will have to do this. I assume taking it one step/wave at a time is better than rushing to the end because there’s just too many of them to deal with in the hive if you don’t clear them out a bit at a time. You risk dying and having to respawn farther away or the entire team getting wiped. It’s not easy to rez someone with all of those Gorgons around.