Deepest Dark - Pump that shit up to 11 plz :P (SPOILERS)


First let me say… SPOILERS!..

And then let me say… I love the modes atmosphere and general idea! :slight_smile: The feel and the design is amazing and pulls you in to that feeling of desperation that so wonderfully fits a losing battle turned last vengeful act of retaliation :grin:
But this kind of thing needs to be challenging… Like SUPER challenging! And right now… It’s painfully easy :frowning:

So here is my wishlist for this mode :smirk:

  1. Give us swarms of Gorgons that we can’t just shoot while they are in egg form! (at least not that easily) Make them fearsome and demanding to fight! Make it so that the team has to focus on killing them before they are overrun!

  2. Make the way down to the queens nest a fight for survival instead of a hunt for a gradually dying boss that never actually goes for the kill. Don’t be afraid to make it very likely that the last encounter is fought with a few strikes on the team (perhaps throw a real stage 1 in there and later a stage 2 as kind of lesser bosses?)

  3. Give us a final battle with the Queen where she’s at full health and has the aid of multiple (perhaps respawning) lesser gorgons! Make this bitch a tower of power and intimidation!

This mode has great potential! All it needs is to have a difficulty that tells you what the voiceover already says… You lost motherfuckers. Time to die! :smiling_imp:

Also… Could you scale her up? Nothing like an enormous spider queen to set the stage for a desperate suicide mission :wink:


Yeah and make it harder and easier for the hunter to get killed easily… that will add more to the challenge


It made me realize how much I want some actual story elements in the game :frowning: Be nice if it was a bit challenging. Right now it feels like a one and done sort of thing.


i played it three times, the last time with lennox and i just ran past everything… it doesn´t really matter what you do :smiley:


Personally I find the map refreshing yet disappointing and lackluster.

A sort of “Fool’s Gold” if you will.


I like the direction they took and I’d like to see more things like it. It needs way more polish though.


Have loads of eggs on the Rocky walls as well.


I agree. Would probably play it more, if it was challenging, like, at all. It felt soooo easy though.