Deepest dark map. (And greetings again!)


If the title matches the design…

I’m hoping that the map will have limited light sources and visibility!

I mean not too much, (pitch black, god no.)

But maybe night time? Where the flashlights on the hunters can actually be used?

Just a thought. Heh. :slight_smile:

And I apologize for being away for soooooo long!

So hi guys!!! :blush:


Welcome back! I’d also love the map to be super dark so you just kinda stumble onto the eggs scattered around.


Exactly! It has to have that scary feel ya know? :wink:


Would be interesting, but very monster favoured since they can rely on their smell button. Granted after Overpowered it seems only fair we have a monster favoured map…


The maps from Legacy had a really spooky vibe and I’d like to see TRS bring it back for at least one map, then I can die happy.


And imagine if slim spore cloud would hit everytime…

The monster would be blind as a bat. :scream:


Cough cough Planet Scanner Cough Cough


I know!! But I’m glad they’re polishing them and getting them all fixed up though.

I know they can get stuff done and done well.


Map adaptations are the perfect place to explore a revival of the dark atmosphere.

I approve if this is what Deepest Dark is.


I think a dark map with flashlights for the hunters would be SOOOOOO sick! Really hunter favored, but would be awesome


And the hunters rolling out with night hunter skins! :heart_eyes:


Perhaps that could be an advantage for the hunters? The monster would have to rely on smell and visual cues like flashlights and jet packs to land abilities!


And if you bring slim into the fray, he can severely limit the monsters smell range!

@10shredder00 what’s your take on this oh fellow slim slayer?


Personally those maps were damn well!

The atmosphere should used for this map… It would be perfect.


Deepest Dark is only co-op I’m pretty sure so we won’t have to worry about smelling :wink:


From what I’ve seen, Deepest Dark will be a Co-op map only, so no Monster gameplay for us. It would be cool to have more night time maps, though, but I can’t say I don’t love the sunshine in Overpowered Weather Control.

edit: ninja’d


Only co-op?

Porque tho.


Don’t crush my dreams!!! :sob::sob::sob:

That being said, if it’s just co-op that would make darkness and flashlights even better. Wouldn’t have to worry about balance