Deepest Dark is too easy?


Well i feel like it is too short and easy. Anyone feel the same ? She wasn’t even able too kill anyone in our team and i don’t think anyone dropped below %50 health even though we had Lazarus as Medic. Also the little gorgons die in a matter of seconds… I think you should make it A LOT harder TRS.


it´s boring. you just run along a rail and shoot things. :\

but the most useless part… you have to skip 5 maps to finally get it. what the hell? Just let us chose it, it´s not that anybody plays anything else now. If it´s not deepest dark, someone leaves.

this sounds harsh, but this was a waste of money / resources. good luck with 100k coop games :
There is no diversion, nothing you can do other than run a specific path, shoot the same things, have the same skirmishes (3) on the same spots where the same enemy runs at the same hp threshold and as far as i can tell, it doesn´t matter how long you take.
This was pretty disappointing.


Even if I like the little Gorgons the actual gameplay is pritty disapointing. Just thought we will get a sneak-focused variant like in lagacy. There is no replayvalue, no history (like implementing some adaption focused story) and the map just leads one way.
Edit: Was a grate opportunity to implement an Horde-Mode with a Monster-kill-counter.